Sync payment processor fees? Done.

Ecc_puzzle As promised, we’re continuing to improve eCC Cloud. Effective on July 1, eCC Cloud fills in more puzzle pieces for multi-channel e-commerce businesses by automating payment processor fees, specifically those of PayPal, Shopify Payments, and Stripe. This instant, math-free reconciliation allows sellers to see exactly where their money is going, with the click of a button. Users will now enjoy a 1:1 match between their sales orders and the fees charged by their payment processors, with each order broken out into gross sales, fees, and net sales. With no additional effort, these matched fees can be synced to the user’s accounting system—along with the orders themselves—for more accurate tracking and better insights. To review the specific details of this update and see how to implement this feature, have a look at this video.

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New eCC Cloud Helps Merchants Scale


It’s official—we’ve released a new version of eCC Cloud! Effective on June 1, updates to eCC Cloud make the software a more powerful tool by giving merchants more relevant information and providing better business insights for optimizing operations and increasing revenue, while at the same time making it easier to use. Continue reading

Variants: Nice to Know, Need to Know

Tshirts In the world of e-commerce, a variant  is a product that has attributes, and each option of that attribute is represented with a different identifier, or SKU. So if you have a “small orange shirt” and a “large gray shirt” that have different SKUs, each of these shirts is a variant.

Unfortunately, today’s major e-commerce shopping cart platforms each handle variants in their own special way.

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Webgility’s eCC supports 2-way sync between BigCommerce, QuickBooks and Shipping processors

Since we’ve integrated eCC with BigCommerce in June 2011, we’ve gotten great feedback from BigCommerce retailers looking for a seamless way to synchronize their online orders, customers and inventory with QuickBooks.
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