How to beat shopping cart abandonment

shopping-cart-abandonment-blog-resize-634x250Great news, it’s easier than you think

Your social media following is booming, you ads are getting great click through rates and your website traffic is at an all-time-high. So, why aren’t your sales increasing, too?
On average, 68.63%* of users abandon their cart before they complete their purchase. If over two thirds of your customers are leaving, it’s time to start fixing the issues. A lot of factors which cause shopping cart abandonment are really easy to fix and will help you to increase your sales in no time at all.
Tag, track and analyse
Every website is different, so it’s important to try and first find out where you’re going wrong. Using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, you can easily tag, track and analyse events and situations on your store. Make sure to check your product pages and checkout process, and look for drop off points and bounce rates.
Allow last minute cart changes on checkout
Whether it’s a last minute decision or to rectify a mistake, it’s important to allow your customers the freedom to edit their cart all the way up to (and including) the checkout. Give the option of removing products and altering the quantity of products in their cart.

What accounting software is best for you?

QuickBooks-2016-vs-2015-Whats-the-DifferenceThe important differences between QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise

My clients often ask me to help them select which version of QuickBooks is best for their business model. Here is what I take into consideration when recommending accounting software.  

QuickBooks Pro vs. Premier
QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier are basically the same product, but with different features. Both have a database with a file size limit of 150MB. And they can both handle up to 14,500 individual items and 14,500 vendors, customers, and/or employees.Which @QuickBooks should you use for your #ecommerce #business? Here’s a guide. #unify Click To Tweet

Of the many features that you get when upgrading to QuickBooks Premier,  there are only a few that I consider essential. The main factors for choose Premier over Pro are:

  1. Simultaneous users: QuickBooks Pro limits you to having three users working on your QuickBooks company file at one time. Premier increases the number of simultaneous users to five.
  2. Manufacturing: QuickBooks Premier allows you to create inventory assembly type items, which is essential if you’re manufacturing products. These items have a bill of materials, which is a list of every component that goes into the finished good. When you perform a build assemblies transaction, you relieve inventory of all of the individual components in the bill of materials and increase the inventory of the finished good. That way, if you’re manufacturing products, you can keep your inventory accurate.
  3. Sales orders: Sales orders are non-posting transactions, so they do not affect your income, expense, or balance sheet accounts. They are documents used for internal company purposes only. Many businesses use sales orders to track backorders and partial shipments. A sales order can be turned into an invoice with one click.
  4. Wholesale and retail sales: While QuickBooks Pro only allows you to create a global discount, Premier allows you to set different price levels for customers, jobs, and items. This feature allows you to have prices automatically adjusted when selling to a wholesaler or preferred customer.

Premier offers many other features that are very useful and can save you a ton of time, such as reversing journal entries, unlimited archive of bank reconciliations, multiple units of measure, and lots more, but the features I have listed above are those that I feel are a must-haves. Continue reading

Automated abandoned cart emails see the highest ROI

So why aren’t you sending them?

Source: SoundestWhoever said email is dead must have worked for a social media platform. Email marketing, especially for e-commerce brands, is a critical component of a customer loyalty and overall marketing strategy.

And, these campaigns have been proven to be more effective than customer outreach or communication in other channels. Just check out the stats:

Of course, we aren’t talking about implementing just any email campaign. When it comes to scaling your business, you have little time to spare. Instead, the team over at Soundest (see graph above) has determined which email marketing campaigns produce the highest ROI for ecommerce brands. These are the emails you should be getting in place first, and hint: promotional emails aren’t the highest revenue drivers. Data confirms that the average revenue per promotional email is $0.02. Meanwhile birthday emails result in $0.07, welcome emails $0.18 and abandoned cart emails $5.64.

OK, so automated emails based on customer behavior or personalization produce the highest ROI. Guess what: They also take the least amount of time. This is because you only have to build them once.

Here are five ways to begin your automated email marketing campaigns and increase ROI through your email channel.

This just in: Amazon listings now available

Instantly list products on the mother of all marketplaces

MC-Inventory-SyncToday we’re pleased to announce new Amazon product listing feature which will give our customers a competitive edge by quickly and easily listing and managing their products on the world’s largest online retailer. This new feature of our Unify Enterprise Edition software will allow Amazon sellers to seamlessly integrate the powerful marketplace into their business model without sacrificing time-saving automated order and inventory management. And for those sellers interested in quick and easy listing on eBay, rest assured the same feature is in the works.Webgility #Unify customers can now upload product listings on @Amazon. #Sellmore #marketplaces Click To Tweet

As you know, multi-channel selling is the most effective strategy for retail businesses today. Indeed, recent research from our thousands of online retailers shows that the majority of our customers are simultaneously selling products on as many as five marketplaces or shopping carts. Since Amazon and eBay are consistently in the top five marketplaces used by our growing customer base, we knew it was critical to address these connections first as we work to solve the industry-wide problem of effective multi-channel selling.  

Unlike other online retailers, Unify users are now able to list and manage their products on multiple channels with no tedious data entry required. Unify Enterprise Edition acts as a bridge between sales channels and QuickBooks, empowering true collaboration between the seller’s accounting systems and marketplace. For more more details on this important new feature, read this.  

Gear Guide: 7 Summer Essentials

Top gear for enjoying the wonderful warm, all available online

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of hot dogs grilling, waves crashing, and a bear searching for snacks outside of your tent. Summer is right around the corner, but before all the fun can begin, it’s important to gear up. It seems that with every buying season, online shopping becomes easier and the selections get better, and this summer is no different. Here is our round-up of essentials for summertime fun sold by Webgility customers, all just a few clicks away from your front door.   

CampStove_1_updated_d48f0013-c917-4636-9d51-1e68d875c252_largeBioLite CampStove, $130, use promo code WEBGILITY15 for 15% off online orders through 5/31/16, We love this product so much, we’ll fit it into any buying guide, no matter what time of year. This useful camp stove turns fire into electricity using wood. Yes, that means you can be off the grid without being totally out there, so to speak. Charge your phone, LED lights, and other personal devices.

By purchasing, you’ll be empower BioLite to create new approach to energy access; one that empowers people to power themselves. A portion of every sale from the BioLite shop gets re-invested into their work in bringing clean cooking and energy to thousands of families across India and sub-Saharan Africa.  

OG_Mountain_LakeOG Mountain Lake Hat, $35, Admittedly, summer is a time for not-so-lofty goals. You know, when you finally learn to surf, bake the perfect blueberry pie, or maybe even plant some heirloom tomatoes in the backyard. Made for big fun, BigTruck hats are the perfect everyday uniform for the summer activity of your choosing. And their adorable kids line tells the world you’re raisin’ ‘em right.

BigTruck was founded on a vision to create a movement and community connecting people through creativity and fun first. In Lake Tahoe since 2010, BigTruck has evolved from a small hat company into a global community and continues to strive to inspire others to live life with a fun first mentality.#Summer Essentials for #Gear Lovers. All @Webgility cutomers, all available #online. #Coupons #Unify Click To Tweet

goldswan-500x500Gold Swan Floaty, $78, use promo code WEBGILITY for 10% off, For the more fabulous among us, this floatation device is as practical a purchase as a pair of flip-flops. Go ahead, we dare you—enter a pool party with this show-stopper and watch the heads turn. If giant birds aren’t your thing, try Maripoza’s delicious-looking Pineapple or Watermelon floaties.

Maripoza Boutique has brought the world of fashion to a new level for residents of the Rio Grande Valley. Maripoza Boutique prides itself on quality customer service, and with the launch of their website, they are confident you will enjoy the same feel of a personalized boutique from the comfort of your own couch or your office desk (they won’t tell your boss). Continue reading