Gear Guide: 7 Summer Essentials

Top gear for enjoying the wonderful warm, all available online

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of hot dogs grilling, waves crashing, and a bear searching for snacks outside of your tent. Summer is right around the corner, but before all the fun can begin, it’s important to gear up. It seems that with every buying season, online shopping becomes easier and the selections get better, and this summer is no different. Here is our round-up of essentials for summertime fun sold by Webgility customers, all just a few clicks away from your front door.   

CampStove_1_updated_d48f0013-c917-4636-9d51-1e68d875c252_largeBioLite CampStove, $130, use promo code WEBGILITY15 for 15% off online orders through 5/31/16, We love this product so much, we’ll fit it into any buying guide, no matter what time of year. This useful camp stove turns fire into electricity using wood. Yes, that means you can be off the grid without being totally out there, so to speak. Charge your phone, LED lights, and other personal devices.

By purchasing, you’ll be empower BioLite to create new approach to energy access; one that empowers people to power themselves. A portion of every sale from the BioLite shop gets re-invested into their work in bringing clean cooking and energy to thousands of families across India and sub-Saharan Africa.  

OG_Mountain_LakeOG Mountain Lake Hat, $35, Admittedly, summer is a time for not-so-lofty goals. You know, when you finally learn to surf, bake the perfect blueberry pie, or maybe even plant some heirloom tomatoes in the backyard. Made for big fun, BigTruck hats are the perfect everyday uniform for the summer activity of your choosing. And their adorable kids line tells the world you’re raisin’ ‘em right.

BigTruck was founded on a vision to create a movement and community connecting people through creativity and fun first. In Lake Tahoe since 2010, BigTruck has evolved from a small hat company into a global community and continues to strive to inspire others to live life with a fun first mentality.#Summer Essentials for #Gear Lovers. All @Webgility cutomers, all available #online. #Coupons #Unify Click To Tweet

goldswan-500x500Gold Swan Floaty, $78, use promo code WEBGILITY for 10% off, For the more fabulous among us, this floatation device is as practical a purchase as a pair of flip-flops. Go ahead, we dare you—enter a pool party with this show-stopper and watch the heads turn. If giant birds aren’t your thing, try Maripoza’s delicious-looking Pineapple or Watermelon floaties.

Maripoza Boutique has brought the world of fashion to a new level for residents of the Rio Grande Valley. Maripoza Boutique prides itself on quality customer service, and with the launch of their website, they are confident you will enjoy the same feel of a personalized boutique from the comfort of your own couch or your office desk (they won’t tell your boss). Continue reading

Sales tax automation is a must for growth

orange_tree4Business execs weigh in

A recent study by Deloitte found that nearly half of all mid-market companies not only automate, but do it in multiple areas of their business. And why not? It’s a great way to offload time-consuming tasks and free up resources for more value-add activities. And what could be more tedious than sales and use tax compliance?

“It doesn’t make sense in this day and age to manage your own tax system,” says Kelly O’Hanlon, VP of Finance from global chemical distributor ChemPoint. “We don’t have the manpower to calculate sales tax, nor would we want to. You’re better off putting your resources in other areas and outsourcing the tax management.”What could be more tedious than #SalesTax compliance? Nothing. Read this and free yourself. #Unify… Click To Tweet

Reallocate resources

Aberdeen Research found that prioritizing compliance is a trait of best-in-class companies. Forward-thinking finance leaders are three times more likely to automate sales tax. The biggest motivator? Reducing the drain on resources that comes from trying to manually manage tax compliance.
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7 Keys to e-Commerce Success

Closeup of hands compose a success text symbolizing the target of team to success shot against bokeh backgroundAnd the tripwires to avoid along the way

The world of online selling is full of folks who thought it would be the easier, softer way to run a business. The unspoken fantasy sounds something like “I’ll work in my pajamas at home, click a few buttons, get a PayPal account, build a website in five minutes, and the money will start rolling in.” And it’s true, it’s easy to start selling online. In the past five years alone, the friction of starting an online business has been reduced to almost nothing. For example, it used to take up to a month to open a merchant account and now you can get a merchant account instantly from PayPal or Stripe. When a #seller sets up their systems properly, their business survives. #ecommerce #unify Click To Tweet

Because e-commerce set-up is easier than ever, there’s more competition than ever. This is why it usually doesn’t take long for new sellers to realize their real challenges—keeping their business and increasing profits. The good news is that succeeding in e-commerce doesn’t have to be so difficult. If online retailers take the time to properly set-up their systems in the beginning, far more businesses owners will be happy and more businesses will survive. In an industry where the ultimate goal is sustainable growth, this is my checklist for success… Read the rest of the article on Internet Retailer

The Next e-Commerce Disruptor

Feedback11What’s going to set your business apart from the masses? 

There’s no denying the tech world, regardless of industry, has had a messy love affair with the buzzword “disruptor.” Disruption in the world of e-commerce usually means selling or manufacturing something that changes the nature of the product, how the product is sold, or that product’s industry at large. For example, selling mattresses, razors, or eye-glasses online introduces much needed competition and variety to these formerly fallow brick-and-mortar industries. In spite of, or likely because of, the over-use of the word, it’s time to take a deeper look at what it really means in the world of e-commerce to be a disruptor.Can you identify the next #ecommerce #disruptor? It may save your #business. #unify Click To Tweet

Amazon was perhaps the first large-scale e-commerce disruptor, at first tackling an arguably entrenched and highly regulated book industry. One could view the situation as Amazon starting with one category and optimizing the heck out of pricing and the sales process to get adoption in the market. Another perspective is that Amazon understood what a majority of book-buying customers wanted: ease of discovery and purchase, low price, and fast results. Any way you look at the scenario, it worked. Read the rest of the article on Retail Info Systems News.

70+ Integrations with You at the Center


Build your business your way. Unify adjusts accordingly

I’m often asked how we’re able make so many marketplaces, platforms, and business systems all work together seamlessly. As you know, a lot of companies talk about integration but many of those fall short.

When I have an initial conversation with a potential integration partner, they usually ask about our API so they can figure out how to make it work with their platform. That’s when I tell them that we actually do all the building in order to integrate their platform into an already established workflow. Webgility's cup runneth over with #ecommerce #integrations. Here's why. #unify #sellbabysell Click To TweetWe’re not just opening up things and hoping the customer will figure out how to use our system from the outside—we control the integrity, we control the user experience, we control the entire workflow. What that really means is that we do the hard work to build the feature set that accommodates the needs of the e-commerce seller, not the needs of [insert your favorite platform or marketplace here]. Continue reading