3 Ways to Improve Your Focus and Sell More Online

InventoryGo multi- (or omni) at your own risk, or follow these steps

Recently it has become clear that multitasking can be detrimental to both our productivity and our health. Research has found that multitasking inhibits our ability to successfully carry out simultaneous tasks, it can lower the IQ as much as 15 points, and increase the brain’s production of the stress hormone cortisol. It’s likely no coincidence that mindfulness and meditation are now all the rage. So whether you’re crunching your morning granola or creating a profitability spreadsheet, it’s all about paying attention, narrowing your focus, and clearing your thoughts.@ParagMamnani explains 3 ways to improve your focus and #sell more #online. #Unify Click To Tweet

Counter-intuitively, trends in e-commerce insist upon diversification, spreading sales resources across both marketplaces and platforms, and employing a variety of specialized apps to run different parts of your business. If you plan to make any money in online retail, you’d better be able to manage multiple channels across geographic regions—in fact, among Webgility’s thousands of multi-channel customers, the average number of stores managed is 4 to 5. To up the complexity ante, those sellers who want to get and stay ahead of the technology curve need to become omnichannel, making sure their products are purchasable from any device or platform.  

For those interested in having their e-commerce cake and eating it mindfully too, here are three ways to fine-tune your focus while successfully building a multi-faceted online retail empire. Continue reading

“Do you mind if we dance with your data?”

Sales-ForecastingHow e-commerce businesses can turn an awkward liability into an earning asset

It’s not news that the world of e-commerce sales is changing every second of every day. Fifteen years ago, businesses were beginning to experiment with e-commerce, selling products on a marketplace or through an online store, and most were relying on an Excel file to track sales or using QuickBooks for accounting. At the end of each month or quarter, sales data was sent over to an accountant or bookkeeper to manually sift through—and this could take up to a month. Once the sales data was entered, there was still no guarantee that anyone would be able to truly understand the financial health of the business.How to make your data dance with the business instead of against it. #Unify Click To Tweet

Fast forward a few years and e-commerce has grown at hyper-speeds globally, on social media, on every known device, and in the cloud. What’s more, now there are dozens of different sales channels on which to sell, fragmenting the massive amounts of sales data and adding more mystery to the puzzle. Unfortunately, this data still needs to be compiled, reconciled, analyzed, and acted upon for accounting and tax compliance, let alone for business development or growth. Sure, there are dozens of business applications standing by to help carry the data load, but often these apps are not integrated with one another, making relevant info ever more siloed. Suddenly the work has exceeded the scope of bookkeepers and accountants and even e-commerce business owners, who are often left with no resources to help them grow their businesses. Continue reading

Completing the SMB marketing puzzle

Infusionsoft LP.jpgUnify for Infusionsoft can make your life even easier

If you’ve been using Infusionsoft to manage your customer relationships, you’re likely to have felt the benefit of a powerful, streamlined marketing process. By using this industry-leading marketing automation tool for your e-commerce business, you’ve been able to capture more leads, better communicate with your customers, develop loyalty programs with significant ROI, and save buckets of time automating your sales funnel. But how great would it be to add even more efficiency in your e-commerce financial workflows?Sick of #ecommerce data entry? Try #Unify for @Infusionsoft http://bit.ly/29nNi7i Click To Tweet

With our new integration, Unify for Infusionsoft, now you can automatically download all of your e-commerce orders and post them directly to QuickBooks or Xero. This exciting integration will take all of the hassle out of your accounting and save you bucket-loads of time and money on data entry. By automating all of your sales data, you’re assured both accuracy and expedience. This important piece of the puzzle has been added to take you out of the data entry game for good and help you stay ahead of your growing e-commerce business.

Unify for Infusionsoft automates sales and product data into QuickBooks or Xero on an automatic schedule or on demand, no data entry needed. With this new solution, you can centralize order data across their Infusionsoft online sales channels and marketplaces, gaining perspective on your entire e-commerce business from one place. Webgility’s Unify for Infusionsoft lets you stay focused on marketing, selling, and growing your businesses—all with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your accounting is all squared away.  

There’s no doubt, Infusionsoft has made a real difference for small businesses looking to streamline their sales and marketing processes, letting them capture more leads, better communicate with customers, and develop loyalty programs with significant ROI, all while saving massive amounts of time by automating workflows. Webgility is excited to bring the benefits of Infusionsoft to its customers, maximizing the efficiency that the Unify solution brings to their e-commerce financial workflows.

Why you need to focus on an e-commerce niche market right now

eCommerce-NicheThe folks at SkuVault know the online retail business and they have some great advice.

It can be difficult to compete in a sea of sellers even if you sell a wide array of products, but some sellers are thriving by doing just the opposite. That’s right, some e-commerce retailers are actually shifting their focus from traditional markets to niche markets and hyper-focusing their product lines to very specific products for very specific audiences. There are a number of advantages to this approach, and our friends at SkuVaul,  who know eCommerce inside and out, have the details on how and why niche markets might be right for you. Click here to learn about why thinking small could help your business grow big.

The importance of using Instagram for e-commerce

InstaP1Feature-860x410ShipStation tells it like it is

No matter what you sell, if you’re not using Instagram, you’re likely leaving money on the table. The social media platform is a force to be reckoned with, boasting 400 million monthly active users, 80 million daily posts and 3.5 billion daily likes. For teens, it’s become the single most important social network.

Ninety percent of the top 100 Interbrand companies have Instagram accounts. So do tech startups, such as MailChimp, and non-tech companies such as Dollar Shave Club and Warby Parker, which sells prescription eyewear and sunglasses.

And the evidence shows that Instagram has some advantages over its parent company Facebook, especially when it comes to engaging users:

  1. Thirty-two percent of Facebook users interact with brands, compared with 68 percent of Instagram users.
  2. Instagram has more engagement per follower than Facebook. In December 2015, an average post engaged 1.08 percent of total followers. Facebook’s total was 0.37 percent.
  3. Ninety-three percent of marketers use Facebook; only 36 percent are using Instagram, which gives you a better opportunity to connect.
  4. Even the average order value is higher on Instagram: $65 vs. $55 for Facebook.
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