What’s the best shopping cart platform in the market?

If there were an absolute answer to this question, I might not have a blog to write.  The eCommerce platform market has changed dramatically in the past years, offering a wide selection of shopping carts: from free, to open source, to downloadable, to hosted applications.  In addition to understanding the different platform systems, other factors need to be considered when making this technology investment, such as price, shopping cart features and ease of use, and implementation process.  This could overwhelm startups and growing businesses searching for the perfect shopping cart that meets all of their criteria.

So how do you pick the winner?  It depends on your business and allocated capital investment.   There are some great platforms to choose from, but it’s all about narrowing your choices to a solution that fits your specific business needs in the short- and long-term. I’ve come across many business owners who had to switch to a new platform 6 months after starting their eCommerce site because their old one couldn’t support their operations.  Therefore, the key to selecting the appropriate shopping cart is asking the right questions.

2 thoughts on “What’s the best shopping cart platform in the market?

  1. Shopping carts are hosted online and serve as the interface for a customer entering their credit card information so they must be PCI compliant. eCC is not a payment gateway but if you do intend to use it for “offline” payment processing, it should only be used to capture payments that are previously authorized (this does not require you to store CC information). I don’t recommend storing any credit card information in your online store, its best to get a PCI compliant cart and do all payment processing during checkout.

  2. Your first item for consideration for evaluating shopping carts is data security. Since eCC is the connection between the shopping cart and the payment processor, isn’t eCC responsible for the data security? The shopping cart never sees the customer’s credit card.

    Specifically, shouldn’t Ubercart, eCC, and QuickBooks Merchant Services meet the PCI Data Security Standards?


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