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CRM Sync

Put down the can and string. We have a better idea for improving customer service.

Unify makes it easy to reach the very people who’ve helped build your business by seamlessly integrating with leaders in customer relationship management (Salesforce CRM) and automated email marketing (MailChimp). Now, with a click of a button, you can put your customer lists to work on promotions, coupons, discount offers, and repeat customer incentives. You’re welcome.

Salesforce CMR Intergration

CRM Integration - Enterprise Edition

The circle is finally complete

  • Automatically sync order data from multiple sales channels into Salesforce
  • Centralize customer information across all stores, marketplaces, and platforms
  • Avoid duplication, and ensure an accurate purchase history is recorded in Salesforce
  • Track all your customer's information and order history in Salesforce to improve your services and marketing


email marketing integration

Email Marketing Integration

Stay in touch with your biggest fans

  • Automatically sync customer lists with MailChimp (Coming soon: Emma, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, iContact, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, MooSend, GetResponse, Sendgrid)
  • Know your repeat customers and create segmented lists by sales channel
  • Bring customers back to your store by emailing promotional coupons, discounts, and gift ideas using your email software
  • Aggregate customer emails across all stores—including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and others
  • Retain and organize all customer data


e-commerce customer reports

Customer Reports

Who butters your bread, anyway?

  • See a report of your top performing customers and repeat buyers across all sales channels
  • Learn more about how, on what channels, when, and why your customers buy
  • Keep order-level notes—across all of your sales channels—about customer interactions, discounts and promotions, and other important details
  • Improve customer satisfaction


HitRECord-Webgility customer review
Unify helped us get our Shopify and QuickBooks Online in sync quickly during a critical period. It's a great solution!
—Wayne Robbins, HitRECord
Unify Enterprise customer review
We do several thousand orders per month and needed a solution that could work with that type of volume.
—Jeff McRitchie,
Unify Enterprise customer review
Unify makes transferring orders from our website to QuickBooks seamless.
—Jamie Turpin, SOMS Technologies
Unify Enterprise customer review
Webgility has been a lifesaver for our business.
—Elizabeth Edwards, The Beaufort Bonnet Company
Unify Enterprise customer review
Finding Webgility was my a-ha moment.
—Carla Sancho, Wedding Collectibles
Unify Enterprise customer review
This application is extremely user friendly. It has streamlined our web sales and has drastically cut down on data entry. We were manually entering every web order until I happened upon this amazing solution.
—Crystal Righton, Mary Square