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eCC Desktop makes life much easier getting all my online sales tied into QuickBooks.

John Casebeer, Motool

You’re's that simple. Seriously, we've made great strides in streamlining our business as a result of eCC Desktop. Order entry and order processing time has gone down. Problems from manual entry of transactions has been virtually eliminated. We've saved a lot of time, which allows us to be more productive. Your support and responsiveness to your customers is also excellent. Keep up the good work!

Steve Mizerak, Scale Warehouse and More

It has cut my bookkeeping/data entry in at least half, which frees up my time to do more promotion and customer service tasks. Thank you, Webgility!

Sheri Spurlock, Melt Glass Art Supply

Webgility's eCC software is like having an accounting employee doing all of the boring accounting and inventory tracking that we used to have to do day in and day out. eCC works 24/7, for 16 cents an hour, never talks back, never has a sick day, and is 100% accurate. What else could you wish for in an employee?

Brad Maggard, Maggard Razors

Works flawless between my POS system and my Magento webstore.

Richard Roach, Canton Dish Barn

eCC Cloud is really working for me and saves me a lot of time. Couldn't be more pleased.

Phil Grimes, French Girl Organics

eCC Cloud is easy to set up, easy to use, always works, people are friendly. What else is there?

Bill Bass, Virota

As small e-commerce business owners you have literally changed our life. Thank you so much. eCC Desktop is amazing, and saves us approximately 6 hours a day in accounting. I guess you could say that we pay eCC 65 cents an hour, and eCC is our most productive, reliable employee. THANK YOU!

Brad Maggard, Maggard Razors

Love this app! It saves me tons of time in processing orders. Log in, click and your orders are posted to QuickBooks. It's really that easy!

Jay M., Market USA NC, Inc.

eCC Cloud is definitely a timesaver and incredibly easy to use. Highly recommended!

Joy C, JumpCorp

eCC Cloud is definitely a timesaver and incredibly easy to use. Highly recommended!

Joy C, JumpCorp

eCC Desktop is perfect for our shop - it integrates with QuickBooks easily for Shopify, Amazon, and Etsy. The scheduler has been perfect for our store to keep our QuickBooks files up to date without constant monitoring. Their support service is the best, as they promptly handle and all issues to satisfaction.

Natalie, Boottique

We just started using this but I can already tell eCC Desktop is going to make our lives much easier!

Julie G., Soloshot

This nifty app is now saving me MANY hours of manual entry each month!

LothLorien, Mostly Sweet Jewelry

I've been using eCC Cloud for about 3 months now and it works seamlessly both getting orders and product data from my Bigcommerce website and transferring it over to my QuickBooks Online. This is extremely helpful since we have thousands of product SKUs and hundreds of orders per week that need to be transferred over. I would highly recommend this app. It's easy to use, easy to connect, and they have great customer service.

Chris S., Fido Foods

I've been looking for an app automatically enter sales from my Bigcommerce store into QuickBooks Online. I had done trials with other applications, but this one is the best by far. If you have an online store and you use QuickBooks Online, I definitely would recommend eCC cloud.

David B., Stik2it

eCC Cloud integrates beautifully with my shopping cart and QuickBooks Online. The new automation feature is great -- I no longer need to login to the app for it to sync to QuickBooks!

Ben S., Flush Puppies

We couldn't live without this extension! Unless you pay yourself $1/hour, eCC Desktop easily pays for itself.

Paul M., Diode Dynamics

I love this app! I would highly recommend this to anyone using QuickBooks POS.

Justin, Hope's Cheesecake

We vetted several different integration options for our Shopify storefronts. We needed something that supported and Avalara with seamless connectivity to our QuickBooks master file. We chose eCC Desktop because of the exhaustive customization and integration options that the program allows. The implementation of eCC has allowed us to automate and synchronize inventory, fulfillment, and accounting. We've been very pleased with the cost- and time-saving results!

Ben C., POW Gloves

eCC Cloud has top-notch customer support, a top-notch product, and extremely competitive pricing. They take the time to listen to your questions and concerns and will not rest until all questions or concerns are addressed to your satisfaction. Highly recommended.

Edward P., The Kershaw Store

I've been using eCC Cloud for about 6 months and it has greatly reduced my labor. I'm no longer hand-entering all my orders into QuickBooks Online. A couple clicks and all the orders are uploaded from Magento to QuickBooks Online.

Kent, PosiCell

eCC Cloud is a great timesaver. Orders flow right over to our QuickBooks Online and makes it a breeze. No need to re-enter order information. 

Lisa C., Hamptons Baby Gear

Now we can easily balance our deposits. Our history is in both places. My business is running smoother and I have accurate records. Unbelievable customer service. eCC Cloud, we love you.

David E., Custom Earpieces


Tianna T., Fitbook

eCC Cloud syncs my orders from my BigCommerce web store perfectly with QuickBooks Online. Saves me tons of time manually entering orders. Easy to set up and use, would recommend this app.

Justin D., Relentless Marine Electronics LLC

Tracking the numbers you need for you sales on Amazon can be tricky. I found eCC Cloud to be the only answer to that problem.

Dan W., Nutrify Health

Great automatic sync with QuickBooks Enterprise. Inventory cash flow and sales tax flow smoothly, with  automated shipping as well.It will enable our shipping process to be run by ONE person.

Eli T., ZMAN Technologies

This is a great Magento plug-in. We are extremely satisfied with their customer service and response time for issues that have come up.

Sara, Air, Water & Ice

I've never experienced a better customer service experience than I have with the folks I've had the pleasure of working with at Webgility.

Rick Roberts, Zentangle, Inc.

We have been using this software for over a year. Our main goal was to save the time and effort to enter each transactions from Bigcommerce to QuickBooks, and this program help us to do the job. It is very simple to use and operate. If we encounter any questions or technical issues, we can call their tech center to solve the problem, and usually the problem solved within a phone call. I would recommend using this program.

Wenkai Hsieh, Green Gold Ginseng

I have a modest store processing roughly 1700 orders a month. eCC helped me to get my books in order with low overhead. I also have had the pleasure to work with many of their support staff on setups and fixes. They are always responsive and get the job done. Overall if I didn't use eCC my QuickBooks would be a mess. Special thanks to Gunjan and Prateek, and many more on the support staff who I have worked with. 

Richard Phamdo, Online Tactical Gear

As a new user, I have contacted Webgility customer support on several occasions to help me resolve some issues I was having setting up eCC with our Bigcommerce online store and QuickBooks. Each time, the tech representative (Mayur K.) has been extremely polite and helpful. Even with our most recent issue, he did not give up until the problem was resolved. This type of service is what makes Webgility stand out from other companies I have dealt with.

Karen Vedel Karpy, Millennium R/C

We have used eCC for over 2 years and have found it invaluable for updating to QuickBooks. The customer support has been prompt and professional. The integration with Bigcommerce has been flawless and they keep improving the capability. I highly recommend adding it to the workflow.

Michael Roberts, Obol

My business needed an easily integratable solution between BigCommerce and Quickbooks. My ecommerce business was growing and a more automated application was necessary. That's when I came across eCC and was quickly and easily able to integrate the app into our systems. Thank you!!

James Carifa, Garden Cottage

eCC has been a huge time saver for processing our orders. We were stuck with "copy and paste" for all new customers from Bigcommerce and it was taking too much time. Manually entering information also increased the chance for mistakes. We signed up for the free trial and after using it for a short time we signed up for the entire year. It took a little time to get everything in place but once the store was set up and all items were mapped it has been a breeze. My only regret is that I didn't do sooner.

John Barsody, Frigid Forage

We use eCC to streamline the process of moving our orders from Bigcommerce to Quickbooks. Setup was simple and fast, and the system has worked reliably for us for the past year. Products, customers, shipping fees, and unique sales tax setups have all worked great for us. Saves us time and resources every day.

Nathaniel Brown, Strong Marriages

Suyash was very helpful and gave wonderful customer service. I called several times and he was always helpful and patient with me. Answered all my questions and helped me fix all my problems. Kudos to him for being a great Webgility employee!

Karen Nielsen, NextStage Furniture, Inc.

Suyash has done a wonderful job of getting our Quickbooks 2013 to work with Webgility.

Margaret Dananberg, Motion Medicine, LLC

Shaji patiently addressed and resolved each issue with a fix or workaround. We are pleased with his professionalism and plan to continue our subscription into the future. Well done Shaji. You receive a five-star rating!

Rex Bledsoe, Aqua Design

I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed using eCC. The program is exactly what I was looking for in so many ways. One, it saves us an incredible amount of time daily in both the shipping department and accounting, not having to enter and re-enter data (customer information, orders, tracking numbers, etc.) from our websites, eBay and Amazon stores. And besides the time savings, there is no room for human error, as everything is exported and imported directly into Webgility and then into Quickbooks seamlessly. Another plus to the system is how user friendly it is. The website really lays out all processes in setting up the system, either through step by step text or through your many self help videos. And finally, the customer support. I have honestly never been so impressed by a support staff as I have with Webgility. From my first phone call to the sales department inquiring about the system to the occasional call to your customer support team, everyone has always been extremely, courteous and professional, addressing any issue I may have. My bookkeeper saw the program yesterday for the first time and I after I explained all that it can do, all she could do is smile and say finally there is a system that works! She is now going to pass it on to her other clients, as she works primarily with Quickbooks. I know it sounds like I should probably be working in the Webgility sales department, but the system really is such a wonderful product that I wanted to let you know how I feel. I cannot thank you and the rest of the people at Webgility for making my life easier.

Cary Bonnecaze, Bonnecaze Business Group

Thanks again for all your help.  I love, love, love your product. It has freed up hours of my life!

Kristy Crawford, Two Funny Girls

Thank you Shahji! It takes an expert to explain software and computer stuff to someone how hardly knows how to turn on a computer. Thank you so much! 

Linnea Geiger, Garden Girl USA

Best customer service I have received from a tech company in years!24 hour support? They mean it! Intelligent people answering the phones 24 hours a day, and if the person answering the phone cannot fix the issue, it is sent to the developers who in our experience have provided resolution in 24 hours or less every time. Outstanding customer service. Outstanding product. Couldn't be happier as a customer!

Charles Lewis, Central Infusion Alliance

eCC makes it easy to sync prices, inventory and orders from our website/store. Webgility has customer service that is a model for all tech companies to keep!

Jaron Burnett, JBQAV

eCC is awesome. One of the best pieces of software we have ever used.

Adam S., Pixocool

eCC's Quickbooks integration allowed us to easily compile all of our multi-channel sales and customer data to our one Quickbooks file, saving hundreds of hours of manual entry. The sales and support team at Webgility are readily available and offer top-notch support. Webgility is a critical piece for our business's operations and has helped grow to it's full potential and offer our customer's the highest level of service.

Dave K., Planet Cyclery

I recently had the pleasure of being assisted by Avinash from your support team with few issues regarding our new account setup. Avinash was very knowledgeable about the product and was able to get the issues resolved promptly and confidently. He was very patient and courteous and did a great job. Avinash is a great asset to Webgility team and deserves recognition for his commitment to his job and your team.

Sunita Hemrajani, Heidi Daus Designs

We began using eCC Ship a few months back and have been very pleased with the functionality of the service and customer support. With direct interaction, we are saving about a minute per order and have eliminated all manual keying in. Additionally, we have recently integrated eCC Ship with Amazon Marketplace and have been very happy with this service as well. Truly a great service!

Michael McGarry,

eCC has allowed me to set up my online presence with the knowledge that my inventory is correct, my orders are being fulfilled, and my customers are happy. I can leave the store and rely on my staff to handle all the daily aspects of taking orders. It is a very easy package to run and they have been trained to perform the fulfillment portion, leaving the more complex tasks to me. I normally log on to my system once a day to upload new inventory, conduct a financial exchange, and balance my books. Occasionally I will be present in the store when an order comes in so I get the opportunity to use the software and ship the packages myself.

Steven Haddad, Zazu dba Trollbeads Studio

Thank you so much for listening to your customers and making
improvements based on those suggestions. This was the single biggest
deal for me personally, as for the past 6 months I've manually triggered
the import of orders into QB from eCC.

Allen Spillman, BarristerBooks, Inc.

I really appreciate the help today. You guys were able to pin point the errors and show me what I needed to do to fix them.

Laura Stirling Joffrion, Hlaska Design & Supply

I used to work for Accenture in the Information Management Services area as a consultant, and I've dealt with a lot of IDCs (India Delivery Centers) but I have to say the efficiency and friendliness I have experienced with the support team at Wegility was outstanding. Not only did they know the software in and out, but they also helped me get my issues sorted out via GoToMeeting even though I only had the trial subscription. I virtually never experienced this before, but they answered to ALL the questions I had. I can't praise this experience enough.  And although I had been looking at some other solutions, I have now made up my mind and definitely will go with Webgility for my integration of Volusion, Amazon, eBay, QuickBooks and

Roger Schulze, MotiveMods

I just want to let you know that we started using Webgility about a month ago and we love it! Our online store was on fire last month thanks to our ability to sync our brick and mortar inventory with our online store.  Thank you for giving us a solution for integrating our Quickbooks POS inventory with our Magento website.

Kim Glover, A. Dodson's

I'd like to say that the support I've received from Webgility has been really great. They even answered support tickets when I had the trial version! Webgility appears to be committed to improving the eCC software; there have been constant updates and improvements.

Scott Cairns, Crush Cosmetics

This is not my first experience with Webgility tech support but I wanted to compliment Chayan Modi and the technical staff for helping us work through 2 issues.The first was unpaid orders with the intended payment method of check or money order syncing incorrectly with QB Enterprise as a sales receipt. The solution was matching the payment method EXACTLY from our BigCommerce website with payment methods in QB. The website returned check or money order and QB only had check. Adding the payment method of check or money order and syncing to eCC did the trick.The other was orders downloading to eCC as already shipped, even though eCC was set up to receive them as Unshipped. That solution was a bug-fix update in eCC a remote session, the tech logged in and helped make the necessary changes to get us up and running correctly.I have to say we are nothing short of impressed with the prompt, thorough solutions offered by the Webgility support team. Everyone is polite and helpful. Emails are returned promptly. What a breath of fresh air from a tech company!

Mike Sabatini, Flipo

As a new eCC customer, I would like to take this time to commend the diligent and thorough help that Tanmay provided me. His help was not rushed and very informative. He has excellent skills with the program and taught me the eCC features for my business very skillfully.

Carmine Alvino, Minnie Rose

I really appreciate the service that I have received from your technical support team. Over the years I have interacted with many different companies. The people at Webgility are knowledgeable, friendly, and will stay on the phone until the problem is solved. I had the pleasure of working with Shaji yesterday who called me back quickly, then got a senior programmer to assist us with the problem without me even asking! That never happens. When you are troubleshooting software issues, having access to programmers is by far the best way to fix things quickly. I don't know of any other company where the technical support team works so closely with the programmers. Fantastic job guys! Thank you.

Richard Rinella, Restaurant Ware

eCC is a very professional company whose system has helped my company immensely. Their program is clear cut, easy to use, and unsurpassed in its field. The system itself is straightforward, quick and doesn't jam easily.The staff at Webgility is qualified and always readily available to help with any and all issues that may come up while using the system. I found one staff member in particular to be of enormous help to me. Shajhi is always on hand to help me with any problem, or concern, making the whole process as smooth and unproblematic as possible. Overall I would highly recommend Webgility and eCC to anyone who wish to have an unmatched system with an amazing staff to back it.

Manny Licter from Premier Health & Beauty

The support staff at Webgility is extremely responsive and can quicklyresolve any issues you come across. Their willingness to ensure our product is up and running smoothly says it all. If you're looking to automate your shopping cart and POS there is no better product on the market!

Curtis Clave at Clave Media

Your support member, Chayan, helped me wonderfully in setting up my Canadian taxes with eCC and I am VERY happy with his service.

Maziyar Babakan

You are all absolutely wonderful and saved me yet again. It was a difficult question (for me) and yet you answered it expediently and guided me through solving another issue. As we transition from one shopping cart to another, you have been there every step of the way and I can't thank you enough. You helped our first shopping cart run smoothly with adequate training and support, and now you're helping the same happen with our second shopping cart. Webgility is definitely the ULTIMATE support team for eCC.

Nancy Colakovic, Conciliar Press

I have a strong background in eCommerce and I wanted to build out an open source cart for a new store. I choose eCC because of their ability to integrate with multiple shopping carts. Every single time I contacted support for help, they have done an outstanding job. The support team is professional and always responds to my inquires quickly. A product is only as good as the support team and Webgility has an outstanding support team.

Kevin Brkal from, Brielle Dog Boutique

Namit V. Khungar (Nick) was extremely helpful, kind and patient. He was very knowledgeable and I was impressed with his customer service skills - staying happy, patient and calm over the phone is not always the easiest thing to do, let alone doing it while solving the problems ;-) Great job Nick!!

Tracy Sweder, Mountain Meadow Herbs, Inc

Just wanted to say that the technical support from Webgility has been fantastic, and I plan on recommending eCC to any of my clients that are planning to integrate online stores and Quickbooks!

Robert Schaefer at Hidden Trend Technologies LLC (

I have been a 3DCart customer for close to 5 years, and have previously used another order management software. I was skeptical about eCC because the cost to me, as a new business, was a fair bit lower. I was surprised and delighted that I could integrate all my selling channels without using other software like I had to in the past. Not only that, but my site revenue and costs take care of themselves via Quickbooks, with the eCC integration. I'm impressed so far!

Paul B at B5 Enterprises, LLC

We use Mal's shopping cart, and we are in Australia, where we have very rigid "GST" and sales tax requirements. This and a few other things have caused a few issues getting eCC working, but the Webgility customer service has been of the highest standard. We have had a number of conference calls and online meetings to solve the problems, and I must commend both Webgility and Pankaj in particular for their attention to these issues. Now that Webgillity understand more of the Australian requirements I have no hesitation in recommending them to Australian webmasters, and I recommend Webgillity to everyone world wide for their exemplary service and attention to detail.

David Pearson, Green Living Australia

Namit Khungar (Nick) has helped me 4 times with resolution each timecontacted. Each time was for a different issue and he did not let up until eCC is configured to my liking, and I have not even bought the item yet. We've finally configured eCC as completely as possible, and if all his work does what I need, it will be only him in which I decided to sign on.Software is great but without great support, software will just fail. He has given astounding support throughout this trial period.

Reza Davachi, Rez Candles

Thank you for responding to our need to have the add-on computer reconfigured to talk with the admin machine.  Now we can easily capture orders from our online store, print shipping labels, process orders to QuickBooks and then post back to the store so that inventory counts are always in sync. Thank you for your quick response and remoting into our computers when necessary.

Debbie Thompson, Triangle Education Assessments

I have been involved in IT and Web management for 20+ years and I will say Webgility has the best support I have ever seen. They are always there and I always talk to people who can help. It takes me 1 minute from the time I call to the time they connect and start helping us

Alex Markov at Red Key Solutions, Inc.

We run a small Internet-based business but have the complexities oforganizations much larger. eCC allows our disparate systems(accounting, shipping and shopping cart) to work together seamlessly.Without eCC, the time spent on order processing would double. The support we've received from Webgility is the best I have ever had theexperience of relying on. They are patient and readily available. Ifyou need integration software, Webgility's eCC is the package to get.

Greg Ruccio, TapeSwell

eCC has been an amazing tool for our company! Once we weighed the costs of the program as well as the support plan, we realized that eCC would pay for itself within two days. It used to take the entire morning to process our invoices and then do shipping, almost five hours of tedious work. Now we've cut that time down to maybe an hour a day.As a result of that time, the guy who was originally processing the orders has had more free time to make sales calls and provide greater customer service to our existing clients. That's resulted not only in more money for him, but the company as well!The support has been amazing. Anytime you change systems and processes there are growing pains, but the support has helped through all my problems, even helped correct a few mistakes because I got too eager and tried to set things up myself despite my lack of technical knowledge. They are very quick about getting back to me and very patient (thank goodness!) with me while trying to set things up.I will gladly recommend this program and the support for anyone who is looking to expand their business and increase their efficiency!

Saie Kurakula, Cardone Training Technologies

Everyone that I speak to is very helpful and extremely friendly. Keep up the good work!

Rob Culotta at Beauty Clicks, Beauty Clicks

As a non-profit store, Green Apple Supply does not have the resources to hire a large workforce and we have struggled to keep up with the behind-the-scenes paperwork and accounting involved in online sales. eCC v3 is a dream come true, saving us countless hours of repetitive data entry and reducing our processing time substantially!  We use eCC on a daily basis to manage payments, sync Quickbooks with our site, and update customers on shipping status. Thank you for offering suchan affordable and necessary tool for online stores!

Stephanie Tobor, Green Apple Supply

I would like to take this opportunity to heap praises on the Webgility Support and Sales teams, who have been outstanding in every aspect of our customer service, technical support and software training experiences with Webgility. They've been patient, respectful and completely knowledgeable; and perhaps, the most understanding technical support team with whom I have ever worked with.

Admittedly, after many past 'overseas technical support experiences', I've not had much good to say about companies that have exported their technical support, but the staff at Webgility have completely turned me around on that point.
I greatly appreciate your professionalism, kindness and patience. Thank you for continuing to make's eCC experience a positive one.

G Sammons at

We have a rapidly-growing business and eCC plays a very important role in the level of success we are achieving. We use all aspects of eCC's functionality everyday and I can't imagine trying to run our business without it. In a competitive marketplace, it often comes down to doing things better, faster and more efficiently than the competition, and eCC gives us the edge we are looking for.

Scott Parr, The Tri Shop

The support we have received from Webgility has been top class. Between the numerous phone calls and our e-mails, every question has been answered within the same day. The installation and integration of eCC, linking our VirtueMart site to QuickBooks, is working flawlessly. The software is friendly and simple to use and with the installation of eCC V3.0 the software is very quick. This is a very solid and professional product that we would recommend to any web based business, large or small. A job well done and my hats off to the support team!

Mr. DW, DWFoamies

We've found the Webgility support group to be extremely responsive, polite and efficient. I would say they have gone beyond normal support experiences to ensure that our store is properly integrated and set up for multiple users. I would recommend eCC to other businesses looking to dramatically increase order processing efficiency.

Gunnar Hammerbeck, Bella Vita

I love you guys!!! Excellent response and resolve!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Will Petrone at

I have been so grateful for the responsive technical support that I have gotten from Webgility. I have a brick & mortar retail store that uses QuickBooks Point of Sale, and we sell online using Zen Cart shopping cart software. The installation of eCC has made it efficient for us to process web orders and integrate the two systems. The folks at Webgility helped me to get the program set up to work optimally. Then, months later when I had a hard drive crash, they were still quick to respond to my questions to enable me to get eCC up and running again. Thanks a bunch! I recommend this company!

Vicki Lapp, Bead Inspirations

We are loving the product, as it has taken our order processing down to six clicks at best. We have taken our six-hour order entry and shipping process down to an hour at the most. This add-on has given us the ability to focus on other areas of our business. There were very small issues that the support team was fast at fixing! Great tool and would recommend to many others.

Michael Casselman, Pollen Ranch

I just want to say that you have done an outstanding job with eCC. The ability to pull orders directly from our Magento website and post to QuickBooks has saved us hours each day of manual entry. eCC has been great, and you've been consistently upgrading and perfecting it. Before, we were updating our inventory from QuickBooks to Magento, but it would pull the on-hand inventory and didn't take into account inventory that was in a pending order. Version 2.7.2 now allows us to select from the available inventory to upload back to the website. All in all, I couldn't be happier with your product! Thanks so much.

Andrew Bridier, Castaway Clothing

After a couple of frustrating years with T-HUB, we decided to give eCC a try. The experience was refreshing to say the least.  eCC's user interface is clean, easy to use, and easy to set up. Our company always seems to have unique needs, and eCC was open to suggestions and solutions to every concern, idea and requirement.  Not only is the software cutting edge AND affordable, but the support is unmatchable to any company I have dealt with. They are quick to respond, friendly and knowledgeable.  eCC definitely sets the bar high!

Melissa Farrell from Tyler Industries, LLC

Your team, especially AJ and Viv, have been great to work with. I am not a programmer, nor do I know anything about programming, but after several phone calls and screen sharing sessions, I was finally able to integrate eCC with my Magento shopping cart, QuickBooks accounting system, and Endicia shipping label software. It is rewarding to finally have a software program that can effectively communicate and link these 3 software platforms together. Thanks Webgility!

Guy P. Davidson from

We are very pleased with our experience with Webgility, not only the software but just as importantly the continued support that we have received from Allegra Mitchell and Dan Scheffler.  Our implementation of eCC has and will continue to allow our company to reduce hours of work and expenses through the integration of our Magento shopping cart and eBay store with QuickBooks and Endicia Dazzle.  The dashboard is a very user-friendly window by which we effortlessly monitor our entire selling process from orders to payments to shipments.  This is definitely a product that will strengthen our competitive advantage and allow us to provide excellent service to our customers.  Allegra and Dan have given us top-notch customer service along the way from helping us select the correct components of eCC to providing help in a very professional manner when obstacles and questions arose.  They were there for us along the entire installation and configuration of our eCC software, and we know that we can depend on them for further assistance should it be needed.   You have an excellent product and an excellent sales/support staff.   This is without a doubt a product and experience that I will recommend to others in the future, a must have for any eCommerce business. Great job.

Thomas Vander Laan at

I remember when I started our business. I had one part-time and one full-time employee. Luckily for me, the part-time employee did some research on how we could efficiently run our business and suggested that we buy Webgility's eCC program, along with their inventory module. While this was absolutely more control than we needed at the time, I have thanked him numerous times for finding out about Webgility, and for pushing me to invest in it. So...In time, after learning many lessons about how setting up a small business is lots different than my experiences setting up large businesses, I found myself working alone and trying to figure out how all of our systems actually worked. This became very painful, mostly because I had relied on an employee to set everything up for me...not watching how each component integrated with others to deliver excellent customer service I had insisted upon from the start of the business. Enter Webgility.Reluctantly, I bought into their annual support agreement. They had been great, and I mean GREAT, in answering all my "rookie questions" but after awhile, I began to feel guilty about all the time their support team was giving me. When I thought about it, I concluded that $299 for the year - less than $25 a month - was an investment I couldn't do without.Now, if you have concluded from reading this that I work for Webgility/eCC, or somehow have something to gain by writing this e-mail, your conclusion would be very wrong. It's simply my way of thanking Webgility for the superb program, the exceptional service, and for being instrumental in getting The Primary Case Company off the ground.

Sherman Langer from The Primary Case Company, LLC (

We had been a T-HUB customer for years. After seeing the features that Webgility offers with eCC we have been tempted for some time to make the switch, and finally did. All the current features of T-HUB have been matched and exceeded by eCC, and the customer support has been much more responsive. eCC's constant commitment to staying current with their product to match shopping cart version upgrades and keeping in touch with their customers needs are representive of the company's commitment to a high quality product.

Former T-HUB Customer

Hats off to your tech team, once again. They took over my computer and zipped me through the upgrade process, and made sure it worked! I appreciate you standing behind your product and providing excellent customer service as well. I look forward to purchasing your next Webgility upgrade and being a long standing client!

C.P., President of

Webgility has the BEST customer service! I'd bought eCC primarily for the shipping aspect. I was so happy with how it synchronizing with QuickBooks, and how you made it work better for us. I am part of a cloth diaper retailers group, who are awaiting my feedback on the software. I will be giving it an A+ for usability and customer service. Read more from Sharni's blog, click here

Sharni Vaughan from Nappy Shoppe Sales

We came across eCC, which seemed to be sufficient for our needs, and decided to purchase one license. But soon after, we were installing eCC for both Admin and Shipping.  This really has to be seen to be believed!  Sure, you can watch the video tutorials, which explain how the system works, but it's a different experience when you actually use eCC for your own business:> Your orders are automatically downloaded, sorted into Sales Receipts and Invoices, and posted into QuickBooks.> Items shipped directly from your suppliers are entered as a Purchase Order in QuickBooks > All of this information is posted back to your store as a reference for the customer.The entire process is fast and simply; it'll blow your mind!& My advise? Get eCC.... Your business and staff will thank you for it!

Mark Robins from Wintecs,

We have both an eBay store and an Amazon store, both about a year old. We've always processed the orders by hand into quickbooks. This wasn't bad when they were getting under 5 orders a day but now that we process as many as 50 orders a day on each one, two of our customer service people were completely consumed by the task. This process which was taking 4 to 5 hours a day per site is now taking less than 30 minutes.  We have been looking for a program like this for months and even considered writing one ourselves. Your license cost was less than 10% of our budget for a new program, even for both licenses. When we first installed, we had some issues. Your tech team helped us right away, even going so far as to work with Amazon to write a custom DLL to fix an order processing problem. Since then, everything has worked without a flaw. Very pleased with ECC and Webgility!

Denis Baldwin from

We have been using eCC from Webgility for over a year now and I have to say that my business could not run without them. We use them as an order management software, and because of them we are able to keep track of our orders from start to finish and no one is lost in the mix. While the price may seem a bit high to some, they are a one time fee versus the competitions monthly billing model. I did the math and would burn through the cost of eCC in a matter of months if I used their competitions software. eCC is a clear winner for me and my business, and their support is first rate, always willing to work with you to make things succeed, and they are responsive in critical situations. Great product from a great team at Webgility. Thanks!

Alan Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Co.

After installing eCC, we have not only streamlined our shipping process with its integration into Interspire, but also significantly reduced the manpower needed to reconcile monthly sales between our web cart, merchant services center and Quickbooks POS. This has offered us the chance to spend more money in upgrading our site, hiring more people and in general having more time to run our business more effectively.

Kyle Duford, Sr. Web Art Director at Hlaska

I purchase eCC to be used as a link between Magento and QuickBooks. I had a rocky start with the program due to my misunderstanding of the product. I also had a few problems with the installation mostly due to my lack of knowledge. The team at Webgility spent a lot of time with me both on the phone and via email. I am now up and running, and find the program doing exactly what it was intended to do. The Webgility team went well beyond the normal customer service levels with me and I really appreciate it. Thanks Team!

John Michaels from Specialty Tools

I love your product and customer support. Your instructions are very good and very step-by-step. This is the 3rd program I have bought for my store and QBPOS, and so far the only one that works. I've spent a lot of money trying to find a good product that works with the customer support I need, and I believe that I've finally found that with this product. Thank you so very much for all your help. You are the Greatest.

Kathy Maske from KDJ Tack

Not only does Webgility offer the right tools for the job we need, but their customer service department has proven to be top notch every time we had a question or a problem.  If you are thinking about trying any of their services out, I would highly recommend that you do. 

Mike Corbit, COO, at

Thank you for the excellent service.  Your tech, AJ, was fantastic and we are so pleased that Webgility accomplished in 3 days what Ebridge could not in 3 months.  Thank you for your great work in getting EFX back on track!

Joe Porto, VP of Operations, at EFX Performance, Inc.

Webgility is not just a company delivering a great software out of the box which is constantly improved but also take that extra step in helping out their customers when problems arise. Read the full review.

Mikael Palmstedt from

After upgrading our e-commerce platform, we decided to move from another connection software to eCC from Webgility. What a fantastic choice! The work-flow is much faster with eCC and we couldn't be happier. Though we had a few issues getting everything set up, the support from the fine folks at Webgility has been first class. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a Quickbooks/Shipping/E-commerce solution to look no further than eCC.

John from