Save time and money with instant cash flow tracking of your business
Online Store Synced with Accounting Software

Instantly track your online sales and expenses

With your online storefronts synced with Xero, you can easily record and track your sales and Amazon/eBay fees. Now you can always know the health of your online business.

Record Online Transactions

Save time and money on bookkeeping

With transaction details (amount, discounts, taxes, etc.) automatically recorded in Xero, you can save HOURS of manual bookkeeping entries and account reconciliation and be tax compliant.

Map Inventory in Online Store

Know what's selling and sell more of it!

eCC Cloud automatically maps the items in your online store to Xero, so item information is automatically updated when a sales is recorded. Have better control of your catalog and know what's selling.

Explore Online Channels

Easily sell in more places

Grow your small business and sell on more online channels! Connect all your online stores to eCC Cloud and automatically track your sales and keep your accounting up-to-date.

Multi-Tiered Customer Mapping

Manage your customers better

eCC Cloud recognizes existing customers and can create new customers in Xero on the fly so you can instantly see your most valuable and repeat customers.

eCC Scheduler for Auto Sync

Automate your work and free up your time

eCC Cloud automatically syncs your sales with Xero even when you're not logged in. Now you have more time to focus on other important things, like growing your business!

How it works

Setting up eCC Cloud

eCC Cloud is web-based and can be easily accessed on any web browser

  • Securely connect with your online store and Xero account
  • Customized your configuration according to your online store and Xero settings

Using eCC Cloud

eCC Cloud is an easy point-and-click application

  • Download orders with all the transaction details
  • Post transactions in Xero and update product and customer information
  • Track products between your online store and Xero and instantly update any out-of-sync items

See what our customers are saying

  • " eCC Cloud syncs my orders from my Bigcommerce web store perfectly with QuickBooks Online. Saves me tons of time manually entering orders. Easy to set up and use, would recommend this app. "

    Justin D., Relentless Marine Electronics LLC


    Tianna T., Fitbook

  • " This nifty app is now saving me MANY hours of manual entry each month! "

    LothLorien, Mostly Sweet Jewelry