Keep your QuickBooks accounting current and accurate

eBay quickbooks integration
eBay quickbooks integration
eBay quickbooks integration
eBay quickbooks integration

eCC Desktop is QuickBooks Gold-certified software that seamlessly connects your eBay store with QuickBooks, so you can accurately manage your accounts, inventory and customers.

  • Automatically post eBay orders to QuickBooks to create a sales receipt, invoice or sales orders
  • Automatically match existing eBay customers and products, or create new ones from your store to QuickBooks
  • Track discounts, taxes and more
  • Map payment method and card types
  • Create purchase orders for drop-ship or out-of-stock products in QuickBooks
  • Map QuickBooks transaction types with eBay fee type
  • Download eBay and PayPal fees and post them to QuickBooks as a Check or Bill

Streamline order fulfillment

streamline eBay fulfillment
streamline eBay fulfillment
streamline eBay fulfillment
streamline eBay fulfillment

By integrating your eBay store, QuickBooks, and shipping processors, you can streamline order fulfillment and get your shipments out the door faster.

  • eCC Desktop automatically downloads orders from your eBay store and organizes them according to order status
  • Generate shipping labels with all major shipping processors
  • Print Pick lists and customized Packing slips
  • Monitor order processing status, drop shipping, and cancellations from eCC Desktop
  • Enter phone orders and process payments with, PayPal and QuickBooks Merchant Service
  • Automatically post shipping details and order updates to your eBay store

Manage eBay inventory and pricing

eBay management
eBay inventory management
eBay inventory

Keep your eBay inventory and pricing organized and up-to-date to avoid backorders and misinformation on your web store

  • Automatically transfer product details from your eBay store to QuickBooks to create new items as a simple product, or vice versa
  • Synchronize product price and quanity between your online store and Quickbooks
  • Map products between your eBay store and QuickBooks

eCC Desktop is multi-channel

eCC Desktop supports multi-channel integration, so you can manage your orders, customers, catalog and accounting across all channels.

  • Integrate multiple eBay stores, Amazon stores, and shopping cart stores
  • Toggle between eCC Desktop store profiles to manage orders, customers, products, and accounts

eCC Desktop is certified integration software

See what our customers are saying

  • "The implementation of eCC Desktop has allowed us to automate and synchronize inventory, fulfillment, and accounting. We've been very pleased with the cost- and time-saving results! "

    Ben C., POW Gloves

  • "Great automatic sync with QuickBooks Enterprise. Inventory cash flow and sales tax flow smoothly, with automated shipping as well.It will enable our shipping process to be run by ONE person."

    Eli T., ZMAN Technologies

  • "This is a great Magento plug-in. "

    Sara, Air, Water & Ice