Magento POS for Retailers

Grow your business and profits with your retail and online stores in synced and running efficiently.

Easily sell in more places

Know what's selling and sell more of it!

Have real time information of your sales, and know which items are popular and which didn't make the cut

Easily sell in more places

Achieve inventory management zen

Automatically sync inventory across your stores so you always know your stock level and avoid overselling

Easily sell in more places

Easily sell in more places

Sell on Amazon and eBay too, and manage all of your online sales and products from one place

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How it Works

QuickBooks POS inventory management

Manage inventory with ease

With eCC Desktop, your Magento store inventory is synced with QuickBooks POS so you always know your stock levels. Get better forecasting for your inventory and automatically generate purchase orders for out of stock items.

Record transactions in QuickBooks POS

Track sales across all your channels

eCC Desktop automatically transfers orders from your online stores to QuickBooks POS, and creates sales receipts with applied discounts, taxes, etc.

Streamline shipping and QuickBooks POS

Improve customer service

Get your order out the door ASAP. eCC Desktop also integrates with leading shipping carriers (FedEx, UPS, and USPS), so you can streamline your order fulfillment and automatically record shipping charges in QuickBooks POS.

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