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Automatic QuickBooks Updates and Financial Insights

You’re too busy running your e-commerce business. Don’t let the day to day operations slow your business down. By connecting all your online stores with QuickBooks Pro/Premier, eCC Desktop automatically syncs your e-commerce sales, inventory, customers, and more. Get the financial insights and have more time to grow your business instead of worrying about the data entry.

Automate Accounting
Inventory Sync
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Automate accounting through intelligent integrations

  • eCC Desktop intelligently integrates your online stores with QuickBooks so your financial data are automatically synced
  • Have the flexibility to configure eCC Desktop according to your e-commerce business and online store settings
  • Have confidence that all relevant financial data is recorded properly in QuickBooks
Record Online Transactions

Save time and hassle on bookkeeping

  • No more handling complicated spreadsheets or CSV import files that don’t provide comprehensive financial insights
  • Automatically create sales receipts or invoices and update customer and product information in QuickBooks
  • Assign sales transactions to the appropriate accounts, based on payment method, sales rep, and more
Track Online Orders

Instantly track your cash flow and performance

  • Record transactions in near real-time so you always know your financial health
  • Easily record and track sales revenues, expenses and fees from Amazon and eBay
  • Use built-in analytics to see how your sales stores are performing

Start automating your accounting

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are my online orders recorded in QuickBooks Pro/Premier?

    You can set eCC Desktop to record your online orders as a sales receipt or invoice in QuickBooks and include the sold items, customer information, discounts, taxes, and shipping charges. Products, inventory, and customer data are added or updated in QuickBooks so you can easily track which items are selling and better manage your customers.

  • How does eCC Desktop manage my products and inventory across multiple online channels?

    Every online channel can be configured uniquely with your QuickBooks company file. When orders are posted to QuickBooks, eCC Desktop will create products that are missing and match existing products. The inventory will be automatically updated for items sold. You can also use the inventory sync feature to transfer products and sync inventory.

  • How many online channels can I connect with eCC Desktop?

    You can connect as many online channels to eCC Desktop as you’d like. The base package includes 1 connection but you can purchase additional store connections as an add-on any time.

  • How are my online customers recorded in QuickBooks?

    eCC Desktop can be setup to record each order as a separate customer transaction or you can post multiple orders against a single customer. When an order is received from an existing customer, eCC Desktop automatically matches the customer and updates their details in QuickBooks.

  • Does eCC Desktop record Amazon and eBay expenses and fees?

    Yes. eCC Desktop automatically downloads Amazon and eBay Expense and Fees reports of each sale and records the expenses and fees as a Bill in QuickBooks. Amazon expenses are typically available every 15 days while eBay fees are available on a daily basis so you can post them into QuickBooks as soon as they are available for download.

  • Can I setup eCC Desktop on multiple computers?

    eCC Desktop supports multi-users so you can have as many users as you’d like. You can also grant access to certain features of eCC Desktop based on the user’s role, such as syncing with QuickBooks, processing shipping labels, etc. The base package includes 2 users but you can purchase additional users as an add-on any time.

  • If I upgrade my QuickBooks Pro/Premier edition, does that affect eCC Desktop?

    eCC Desktop supports QuickBooks Pro and Premier v2005 and up. If you upgrade to a newer edition of QuickBooks Pro or Premier, make sure you re-establish the connection and confirm your sync settings.

  • If I switch my e-commerce platform, does that affect eCC Desktop?

    Nope. You can always create a new eCC Store profile that connects eCC Desktop with the new e-commerce platform, and configure the sync settings between the online store and your QuickBooks company file.

  • I have a Mac but want to use QuickBooks Pro/Premier and eCC Desktop. Is that possible?

    Definitely. Webgility offers our eCC Hosted solution that enable you to access QuickBooks Pro or Premier and eCC on a secure, hosted platform from any web browser. Learn more about eCC Hosted.

  • What does the free trial include?

    Your free eCC Desktop trial offers all of the QuickBooks integration features, including accounting automation, inventory sync, and multi-channel connection. It also includes the shipping add-on which enables you to integrate with shipping processors to instantly print shipping labels and manage shipping directly within eCC Desktop. You have 15 day to test drive eCC Desktop and download up to 100 orders from your online channels. .

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eCC Desktop automates accounting for millions of transactions a month

Webgility syncs data for over 10,000 stores

Businesses are recommending eCC Desktop to integrate their e-Commerce channels with QuickBooks Pro/Premier

  • " eCC makes it easy to sync prices, inventory and orders from our website/store. Webgility has customer service that is a model for all tech companies to keep! "

    Jaron Burnett, JBQAV

  • " We have a rapidly-growing business and eCC plays a very important role in the level of success we are achieving. We use all aspects of eCC's functionality everyday and I can't imagine trying to run our business without it. "

    Scott Parr, The Tri Shop

  • " eCC Desktop paid for itself with the first two weeks of use in terms of time and labor costs. It saved us time with shipping and QuickBooks integrations, and keeps all our systems talking nicely to each other. "

    Sharni Vaughan, The Nappy Shoppe

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I add shipping features?

    During the signup process you can customize your plan to include our shipping add-on, which includes integration with FedEx, UPS, and USPS (Endicia, and

  • How does annual billing work?

    You save money when you pay for the entire year up front. Just pick the order tier that works best for your business.

  • What if I want to pay monthly instead?

    You don't have to pay anything up front. We will bill you 30 days from your signup date. The bill is automatically adjusted monthly based on your usage.

  • What if I hit my order tier limit on an annual plan?

    Not a problem! You will be prompted to upgrade to the next tier, and you will be charged the pro-rated difference for the remainder of the year. If you purchase any add-ons (additional stores, users, etc.) during the year, you will be charged the pro-rated annual amount for those as well.

  • What if I want to cancel my account?

    We hate to see you go! For monthly plans, there are no contracts and you can cancel your account at any time. A final payment for any unbilled period will be charged. For annual plans, you can cancel your account any time up to one business day before your renewal date.

  • What type of support is included?

    Our Support team members are experts in eCC Desktop and QuickBooks, and they're here to help! They're available by phone, chat, and email to answer your technical questions and help you resolve any issues you run in to.

How it works

Download and install eCC Desktop - Follow easy steps to install eCC on your desktop and connect it to SQL server
Connect to your online sales channels - Use the add-store wizard to connect with all your online sales channels
Connect to QuickBooks Pro/Premier - Connect to your accounting company file. We recommend creating a duplicate copy for testing a few transaction syncs. You can easily switch to your real QuickBooks company file once you’re ready without losing your settings
Configure sync settings - Set up how to record your orders, products and customers
Ready to roll - Start downloading and syncing your data. You can even set up eCC to do this for you automatically.


eCC Desktop works with over 40 leading e-commerce platforms:

eCC Desktop is a Windows-based application that’s installed directly on the computer or network server where your QuickBooks Enterprise resides. It can also be installed in a compatible hosted environment like RightNetworks or Novel ASPect.

eCC Desktop uses Microsoft SQL server for data storage, which is automatically installed during the software installation. You can also connect to an existing Microsoft SQL server.

eCC Desktop supports the latest versions of QuickBooks Pro or Premier including 2015.

Every platform has its own set of features

See how eCC Desktop works with your e-commerce platform

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The best way to get to know eCC Desktop is to try it yourself. The free trial comes with all of eCC Desktop features, including integration with QuickBooks, multiple online channels, and it even includes the shipping add-on. We recommend creating a duplicate copy of your QuickBooks company file for testing. You can easily switch to your real QuickBooks company file once you’re ready without losing your settings.