Holistic analysis to run and grow your multi-channel business strategically


Actionable insights based on what really matters to your business

Business and Financial KPIs

Highlight interprets all of your data and gives you clear metrics that are easy to act upon. Know the details of your margins so you can maximize marketing and shipping, then measure what those efforts are worth to the bottom line.

inventory report

Inventory Performance

Highlight factors in multiple sales channels and their subsequent fees, wholesale prices, fulfillment expenses, and shipping costs to tell you what products contribute to your cash flow and bring in the highest profits. It’ll even send an alert when it’s time to reorder.

Customer Analysis

Highlight tells you how much profit comes from top customers, how to foster loyalty with these high-value customers, and even tells you which channels are most profitable, so you can target marketing to where it makes the most financial sense.

webgility highlight customer review
Unify is so helpful with inventory. What it all comes down to is having the correct supply at the right time so we don't run out.
—Chris Harrison, C Harrison Shoes
webgility highlight customer review
Sales of products and profitability by SKU are my most important metrics.
—Chris Moyer, Dockem
webgility highlight customer review
Running reports with my POS systems takes too long. I just want to go to once place and have the data already there; that's Unify.
—Chris Harrison, C Harrison Shoes
webgility highlight customer review
Data for "returning" versus "new" is sweet to have.
—Chris Moyer, Dockem

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