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Small Business Accounting

Reconcile your eCommerce transactions and stay on top of your inventory with eCC Desktop for QuickBooks Pro and Premier

eCC Desktop is designed to save your small business hours of data entry and manual inventory tracking by integrating your online sales channels with QuickBooks Pro or Premier. eCC Desktop is a robust, PC-based application that seamlessly downloads online orders into QuickBooks so your accounting is always up to date and you have a full grasp of your business financials and inventory.

Features designed for your growing eCommerce business

Record Orders in QuickBooks

Instantly record online sales into QuickBooks

eCC Desktop automatically pulls the orders from all your online stores and records them in QuickBooks as a sales receipt or invoice. All discounts, taxes, and shipping details are automatically posted with the transaction so reconciling is a breeze.

Track your marketplace sales and expenses

eCC Desktop connects your marketplace accounts (such as Amazon and eBay) to pull sales and related expenses and fees to help you quickly create sales receipts and bills with a few mouse clicks.

Connect With Marketplace Accounts

Match Records on QuickBooks POS

Better inventory tracking so you can plan ahead

eCC Desktop records sales by matching up the right products in QuickBooks Pro/Premier. It also creates missing products automatically so you have product-level details for your business. You can sync inventory automatically between QuickBooks and your online store, and generate purchase orders for out of stock products. Know which items are popular and what isn’t selling.

Manage your customers better

eCC Desktop automatically matches existing customers and creates new customers in QuickBooks on the fly so you can instantly see your most valuable and repeat customers. You can also sync the customer list between QuickBooks and your store.

Happy QuickBooks Customers

Streamline Shipping

Ship your orders faster

Save time shipping! Use eCC Desktop to generate shipping labels for FedEx, UPS and USPS orders. You can also printing packing slips, track shipments and automatically record the shipping cost in QuickBooks.

Get peace of mind with unlimited support

Chat, email or call us and we’ll help you tackle any issues you have with eCC Desktop. We want to make sure that your accounting is automated and your eCommerce business is running smoothly.

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