Guess what? You don’t need a CPA to sell products online.
What a relief.

As if keeping track of multiple sales channels and inventory wasn’t enough, you also have to update your accounting software so that your books are balanced and all your products are accounted for. If it feels like someone left that out of the business owner manual, you’re not alone. But now you can leave the math and spreadsheets to the numbers professionals and sync all of that necessary data to QuickBooks or Xero on a schedule from your stores. Forget about setting aside time to sort through piles of orders and expenses. With just a click, Unify makes sure your accounting is posted on time, without error, and in an organized fashion.

Turn your attention toward your business, not your bookkeeping and nothing will fall through the cracks. Now that’s a load off your mind.


Become one with your revenue

  • Connect all of your multi-channel sales data and expenses directly into QuickBooks or Xero with no manual data entry
  • Assign sales transactions, discounts, and promotions to the appropriate accounts based on simple workflow rules
  • Make smarter financial decisions by seeing a holistic view of your sales and revenue across all sales channels
  • Sleep well knowing that your accounting and reconciliation is accurate and up to date


Transaction Fees

Know the cost of doing business

  • Sync marketplace fees (for featured items and listings, refunds, Amazon Settlement Reports, eBay invoices, etc.) directly into your accounting
  • Sync fees from PayPal, Shopify Payments, and Stripe across every channel
  • Sync credit card payment fees across every channel
  • Track your shipping costs from third-party shipping tools to better understand your profit margins and centralize your financial information - Coming soon!


Summary Posting

Keep things simple in your accounting software

  • Select individual stores to summarize and post as a batch into your accounting
  • Summarize many orders in a single transaction to post on a nightly or monthly basis
  • Keep clean e-commerce records in QuickBooks or Xero by eliminating all “data bulk” in your accounting
  • Extend the life of your accounting software



When the planets—and the numbers—align

  • Know exactly what you’ve paid in marketplace fees and expenses, payment processor charges, and (soon) shipping costs
  • Record fees and expenses to totally reconcile your e-commerce transactions in your accounting system
  • Track what you’ve charged in sales tax
  • Track your sales, revenue, and payment fees to reconcile cash collected in the bank


Unify Desktop Extension

Bring your desktop to the cloud

  • Enables QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and POS (coming soon) users to seamless access our best-in-class cloud-based product, Unify
  • Allows desktop users to connect and unify all sales data, fees and expenses, accounting, and email marketing
  • Empowers desktop users with a holistic perspective of their e-commerce business and better control over their multi-channel sales
  • Free with a Unify subscription


Ask a QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Whether you’re a QuickBooks veteran or newbie user, you probably spend a good deal of time on data sync detective work. Ever wonder which inventory items turns the most profit to your business? And what’s the difference between a receipt and an invoice, anyway?


This nifty app is now saving me many hours of manual entry each month. Thanks to Unify, I get to spend more time
in my studio.
—LothLorien Stewart, Mostly Sweet Jewelry
I am now able to spend more time focusing on growing my business than manually entering transactions from my sales channels. Unify is a great product.
—Chris K. Haley,
Easy as pie to use and super intuitive for eBay users of all sizes. A+ all the way!
—Scott Rodas, Socky & Jamie
For the past 10 months we have been using Unify with three stores—the time we save with our books is remarkable.
—Edward Pittman, The Kershaw Store
I love using Unify to integrate our Shopify sales
with QuickBooks!
—Louisa Kimble, Torchlight Jewelry

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