See What Matters to Your
e-Commerce Business

On-Demand Webinar | One Hour Duration

Looking for the antidote for spasms caused by overly complicated, expensive business intelligence (BI) applications made for a one-size-fits-all business model? We have it. We also know how to soothe chafing caused by single-function analytics apps that don’t span multiple systems. Join us for a webinar about our new product, Highlight, an affordable new e-commerce business analytics solution that:

  • Was created by experts in e-commerce, business, and finance to help you see what matters and grow your online business
  • Defines your most relevant e-commerce metrics such as average order value, top performing products, profit margins, and highest value customers
  • Makes insightful, contextual recommendations for maximum profitability
  • Requires no set-up and no configuration so you can benefit instantly

Finally, actionable insights based on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that can make a big difference to your e-commerce company.

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Our Presenters

Rob McGorty

Director of Operations and Product
Webgility, Inc.

Nikhil Jyothinagaram

Associate Product Manager
Webgility, Inc.