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Webgility Solutions Bring Your Accounting Services to the Next Level

Unify takes away all the busywork, inaccuracy, and confusion for your multi-channel e-commerce clients so they can finally have time to scale.
And of course, we integrate with QuickBooks, and Xero

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What’s in it for you?

Finally, you can get out of the business of busywork and free up valuable time so you can grow your client list. Multi-channel online retail businesses can be tough to manage, but now you can keep their finances accurate with one set of data: Automate your clients’ revenue, transaction fees and expenses, and summary postings. Easily reconcile their accounts and keep them tax compliant in a snap. Add to your expertise by becoming proficient in e-commerce accounting.

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What’s in it for your clients?

Helping your clients be successful is the best way to let them know you’re on their team. The world of multi-channel online retail can be difficult to manage and they may feel like they’re lost in the minutia, but you can show them the light. Once they automate their sales data, inventory, and shipping with Webgility, they’ll have the time and insights to strategically grow their business—and you’ll be there to help them scale.

Webgility Affiliate Program For Accountants

Webgility affiliate program

Our Affiliate Program is designed for accountants offering e-commerce services.

  • Earn an Affiliate commission while helping your clients save time and money with Webgility software.
  • Enjoy a free Affiliate subscription to Unify for learning e-commerce essentials and for showing your clients the products.
  • Free on-demand webinar training.
  • Access our customer Knowledgebase for helpful articles, tips, and tricks for Webgility best practices.


Still have questions? Check out these Accountant FAQs

  • How is your software different from a bank feed?

    We automatically bring in your sales income so you can reconcile just like your bank feed. But we actually create sales transactions so that you know what you sold and who you sold it to, rather than just a dollar amount.

  • Does Unify connect to my payment processor on my store?

    No. You can process payments offline (with Premium or above) for unpaid orders or phone orders using PayPal,, or QuickBooks Merchant Services, but we do not connect to payment processors already in place on your online store. The payment data we receive is injected into the order data after it comes back from the payment processor. This data varies from platform to platform, but whatever the payment processor returns on the order we can use in the accounting software.

  • We are offering customers live shipping rates on the website by integrating our shipping providers into the store platform. How does this translate as part of an order in Unify Enterprise?

    Live shipping rates on a web store are never 100% accurate in relation to the shipping cost you end up paying for when the item is actually shipped. Because those rates are estimated for the customer’s benefit, and you are not actually printing a shipping label at the time of purchase, those rates will never be perfect. As such, most people choose one of three ways to advertise shipping to their customers:
    1. Estimated Rates + %: Most rate estimation built into shopping platforms comes with the ability to adjust rates with a percentage increase so that you charge the customer a little more than the estimated rate. This way, when you actually go to charge your account for a label, your shipping income will offset your shipping cost, and even leave some as revenue earned.
    2. Free Shipping: Offering free shipping is often offset by increasing the price of your item’s across the board to incorporate shipping costs. Especially on multi-item orders, you can then often fit more than one item in a box, effectively allowing you to make increased shipping income. Customers often feel like they are getting a better deal with free shipping even if they have to a pay higher price per item.
    3. Flat Rate Shipping: If your shipping costs are standardized because your item sizes and packaging are very similar, it is easy to offer flat rate shipping for customers. As with the free shipping, customers will often feel like flat-rate shipping is a good deal because they are paying a simple round number as opposed to being nickle-and-dimed over shipping charges. The goal is to make sure your average flat rate covers (and exceeds) your actual shipping cost.
    Unify Enterprise will record all of these options in your accounting software as a shipping income charge that you earned as revenue. Later when you ship out the item and actually incur the cost of the label, you will enter the shipping cost, with the goal resulting in a net positive.

  • Can your software handle returns?

    Yes, our software checks orders to see if there have been any changes to any of the orders. If an order has changed, the software re-downloads it, voids out the original sales transaction in your accounting system, and posts a new one with the updated order information.

  • We have customer groups (or different price levels) set up for customers on the website based on their account when they log in. How will that translate on their orders as they are entered into the accounting system?

    Regardless of price levels built into the website or into the accounting software, the order data has the last say in what a customer was charged. If a customer has a special price level built into their account on your web store, and it is applied to their order, we will use that data when entering the transaction into the accounting software.

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Accounting affiliate reviews
Webgility has provided us the means to smoothly and accurately move data each week from our Shopify store into QuickBooks. We now know our sales and margins in real time, all the time.
—Emma Mesenburg,
Accounting affiliate reviews
Huge time saver! This app has saved me tons of time on manual entry of orders. I could not be more happy with the services that this solution provides.
—Ali Sucheck, Accountfully
Accounting affiliate reviews
Webgility set-up was easy thanks to their onboarding team. As we have moved forward, Webgility easily allows for changes and updates to inventory. Switching to this software has been seamless and a time-saver. Thanks Webgility!
—Emma Mesenburg,

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