3 Companies, Many Challenges, 1 Solution

3 Companies, Many Challenges, 1 SolutionKeyBar.us: Key organizer and multi-use tool
Founded: 2013
Tech Stack: QuickBooks Enterprise, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce
Challenge: Sync sales data and inventory into QuickBooks to and from multiple stores

Michael and Jessica Taylor’s patented key holder works like a multi-tool for keys. They sell globally at several locations, on a BigCommerce store, a Shopify store, and through wholesale distribution. In 2014, they implemented Webgility into their workflows, and since then they have accurately and easily downloaded e-commerce orders into the appropriate QuickBooks accounts. With 1,400 sales each month, they’re now able to process orders within 24 hours.

With Webgility, Keybar:

  • Saves 40 hours/month in data entry
  • Increased sales by <100%
  • Processes orders in < 24 hours

Loving Guidance Case StudyLoving Guidance: Educational materials
Founded: 1997
Tech Stack: QuickBooks Enterprise, ShipStation, Shopify
Challenge: Sync sales data and inventory

Founded in 1997, the educational company Loving Guidance now uses
Webgility to automate their Shopify online and POS sales data into QuickBooks and
reduce order processing time. And they even integrate Webgility with their ShipStation account. Now they’re much better equipped to handle busy times and accurately predict sales. With better visibility into their finances, Loving Guidance is able to see how they can reduce fees and expenses and make more educated decisions about the future of the company.

With Webgility, Loving Guidance:

  • Keeps timely and accurate inventory
  • Maintains clean and up-to-date accounting
  • Reduced order processing from 2 weeks to 1 day

Club Ride Apparel case studyClub Ride Apparel: Cycling clothing
Founded: 2008
Tech Stack: NetSuite, Square, Amazon, Shopify Plus
Challenges: Inaccurate inventory, over-selling, and manual data entry
between systems

Selling on Amazon, Shopify Plus, with Square, and to more than 300 retailers across
the U.S., mountain-town retailer Club Ride Apparel needed a big-city solution to sync data together and into NetSuite. Without integration between sales, NetSuite, customers, and inventory, their brand equity was suffering. In fact, with no real-time visibility into inventory, partial fulfillment had become an issue for Club Ride. Now with Webgility in their toolkit, they feel great about the trail ahead.

With Webgility, Club Ride Apparel:

  • Saves > 50 hours/month on data entry
  • Increased order volume by 20%
  • Processes orders in 1 hour (including pick/pack)


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