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3 Tips for Smooth Shipping This Holiday Season

Only you can prevent logistical headaches for your business. Getting your mind around three essential holiday shipping strategies can help keep the migraine medicine in the closet where it belongs.

1. Know your deadlines
When your customers place their holiday orders, they’re expecting to play Santa and get them under the tree before Christmas morning. Make sure you know your shipping carriers’ holiday schedules and deadlines, and set expectations with your customers around those dates, or risk ending up on the naughty list.

FedEx: Holiday Calendar | Last Days to Ship
UPS:    Holiday Calendar | Last Days to Ship
USPS: Holiday Calendar | Last Days to Ship

3 Tips for Smooth Shipping This Holiday Season

2. Be smart about packaging
To ensure safe travels for your orders, pack wisely. Use the proper box type and filling to ensure that little boys and girls don’t unwrap broken toys. Need some expert packaging advice? Check out these tips UPS’s packaging experts.

3. Communicate with your customers
Holiday shoppers have enough anxiety without the additional worry of wondering where their order is. When you use a tool like Webgility to manage your shipping, you can automatically notify customers when their orders ship and provide tracking numbers to put their frazzled minds at ease.

-The Webgility Marketing Team


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The Webgility Marketing Team

The Webgility Marketing Team

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