How Unify simplifies operations and Boosts profitability


How Unify simplifies operations and Boosts profitabilityOur customers show us record transaction volume and revenue growth

Today we announced a record quarter for customer revenue and activity. And as I predicted, leading the adoption trend are members of the emerging niche economy—small, independent retailers who are building entire industries around specific offerings ranging from coffee roasting to horse grooming.

The days of online retailers trying to be everything to everyone are over. Small retailers are recognizing that you don’t have to be like Amazon to compete with Amazon. All you need to do is tap into the incredibly targeted market needs and software solutions that now exists to build the business of your dreams, finding not just revenue but personal satisfaction along the way. Unify helps companies focus on their business rather than their data management. We’re glad to see more and more companies finding success by embracing our solution in record amounts. Continue reading

User Research: Too little, too late?

User Research: Too little, too late?How this neglected and abused role is really the secret savior of modern business

Looking around at job boards, I see two trends in the area of user research:

  1. More businesses are hiring for this role and skillset
  2. Most companies fill this position later in their lifecycle

We live in a world where user research must be a priority and appear earlier both in a company’s lifecycle and in a product’s lifecycle. Very similar to other tacit roles like product management and UX design, companies assume that the skill or function gaps of the position are being covered with overlapping roles from other departments. Take Product Management, for example. Before a company hires their first Product Manager, they assume the engineering, marketing, and executive teams are performing all the core Product Management functions. Somehow, this disparate group is expected to handle the wide ranging functions of a Product Manager, but it often falls short to the detriment of the entire company.Given their importance, why do user research roles show up at larger companies too late? #Unify Click To Tweet

Most of us know the unfortunate reality of using a product that was designed with user experience as an afterthought—it’s just no good. But that’s exactly what results when a designer gets their first crack at improving the experience only when the product is in the final stages of engineering instead of when it’s in first-draft or just a fledgling idea. Of course the product will be lackluster, even after the designer wages a harrowing yet futile battle to make it useable and beautiful. Continue reading

Gear Guide: 7 Summer Essentials

Top gear for enjoying the wonderful warm, all available online

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of hot dogs grilling, waves crashing, and a bear searching for snacks outside of your tent. Summer is right around the corner, but before all the fun can begin, it’s important to gear up. It seems that with every buying season, online shopping becomes easier and the selections get better, and this summer is no different. Here is our round-up of essentials for summertime fun sold by Webgility customers, all just a few clicks away from your front door.   

Gear Guide: 7 Summer EssentialsBioLite CampStove, $130, use promo code WEBGILITY15 for 15% off online orders through 5/31/16, We love this product so much, we’ll fit it into any buying guide, no matter what time of year. This useful camp stove turns fire into electricity using wood. Yes, that means you can be off the grid without being totally out there, so to speak. Charge your phone, LED lights, and other personal devices.

By purchasing, you’ll be empower BioLite to create new approach to energy access; one that empowers people to power themselves. A portion of every sale from the BioLite shop gets re-invested into their work in bringing clean cooking and energy to thousands of families across India and sub-Saharan Africa.  

OG_Mountain_LakeOG Mountain Lake Hat, $35, Admittedly, summer is a time for not-so-lofty goals. You know, when you finally learn to surf, bake the perfect blueberry pie, or maybe even plant some heirloom tomatoes in the backyard. Made for big fun, BigTruck hats are the perfect everyday uniform for the summer activity of your choosing. And their adorable kids line tells the world you’re raisin’ ‘em right.

BigTruck was founded on a vision to create a movement and community connecting people through creativity and fun first. In Lake Tahoe since 2010, BigTruck has evolved from a small hat company into a global community and continues to strive to inspire others to live life with a fun first mentality.#Summer Essentials for #Gear Lovers. All @Webgility cutomers, all available #online. #Coupons #Unify Click To Tweet

goldswan-500x500Gold Swan Floaty, $78, use promo code WEBGILITY for 10% off, For the more fabulous among us, this floatation device is as practical a purchase as a pair of flip-flops. Go ahead, we dare you—enter a pool party with this show-stopper and watch the heads turn. If giant birds aren’t your thing, try Maripoza’s delicious-looking Pineapple or Watermelon floaties.

Maripoza Boutique has brought the world of fashion to a new level for residents of the Rio Grande Valley. Maripoza Boutique prides itself on quality customer service, and with the launch of their website, they are confident you will enjoy the same feel of a personalized boutique from the comfort of your own couch or your office desk (they won’t tell your boss). Continue reading

Roadtrip 2016

Come share customer success stories and hear about our latest innovations

Roadtrip 2016We’ve officially announced our spring lineup of e-commerce events and conferences, starting this weekend with South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive and continuing with the WooCommerce Developer Conference, Scaling New Heights, the Internet Retail Conference and Expo (IRCE), and ShopTalk.Top #ecommerce #conferences of 2016. Be where the action is! #Unify #sellbaby sell Click To Tweet

At SXSW, Webgility Head of Marketing Christina Del Villar and Head of Product Rob McGrorty will co-host a three-night happy hour orchestrated by The Small Business Web to be held Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, March 11-13, from 5:00-8:00 p.m. at the famous Coyote Ugly bar. Top CEOs, CTOs, VPs of business development, VPs of marketing, investors, resellers, channels, distributors, and media in the industry will be in attendance at these festive happy hours. Please RSVP for this free fun event. 

The Webgility gang will be back in Texas for the WooCommerce Developer Conference from April 7-8, and then viva Las Vegas for ShopTalk2016 from May 15-19. Next they cruise to Scaling New Heights from May 22-25, in the beautiful Bahamas, covering important e-commerce issues, such as technology and innovation, with leading accounting firms and experts.

And finally, our Founder and CEO Parag Mamnani will wrap up the spring season by leading a session on “The Zen of Financial Intelligence” at IRCE, which will be held in Chicago from June 7-10. The session is scheduled for June 8, from 11-11:30 a.m. and will feature Webgility customer and president of Wedding Collectibles, Carla Sancho. It will surely fill up, so register now and mark your calendar for early arrival. 

We look forward to meeting with prospects, customers, and partners as we hit the road for the spring show season, and we’re excited to hear your feedback and ideas as we work together to build the most amazing e-commerce industry possible. Come see us! To schedule appointments with Parag Mamnani, Rob McGrorty, and Christina Del Villar, please contact

Our 2016 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Our 2016 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

How do I love thee? Let me shop the ways

It’s that time of year again. Your loved one is expecting a special romantic treat and so are you. Turns out neither of you is in the market for a new pair of socks. As experts in online retail, we’ve created a handy gift guide to make this process as painless as possible. If we’ve done our job right, there may even be some pleasure in it for you. For your convenience, we’ve divided our list into three categories: Delectables, Desirables, and Unmentionables. Webgility’s 2016 #ValentinesDay #GiftGuide. How do I love thee? Let me #shop the ways. #Topgifts Click To Tweet

Chocolate Apricot Treasures, $25.75, If your sweetheart also likes a sweet tart, think outside of the typical chocolate box with dried apricots. This lovely collection includes the top-of-the-line dried Blenheim apricots, royal medallion, completely drenched in delicious milk, white, and dark chocolate from quality purveyor Guittard. Just between us, a little natural fiber never hurt anyone’s mood either. Continue reading