Completing the SMB marketing puzzle

Completing the SMB marketing puzzleWebgility for Infusionsoft can make your life even easier

If you’ve been using Infusionsoft to manage your customer relationships, you’re likely to have felt the benefit of a powerful, streamlined marketing process. By using this industry-leading marketing automation tool for your e-commerce business, you’ve been able to capture more leads, better communicate with your customers, develop loyalty programs with significant ROI, and save buckets of time automating your sales funnel. But how great would it be to add even more efficiency in your e-commerce financial workflows?Sick of #ecommerce data entry? Try #Webgility for @Infusionsoft Click To Tweet

With our new integration now you can automatically download all of your e-commerce orders and post them directly to QuickBooks or Xero. This exciting integration will take all of the hassle out of your accounting and save you bucket-loads of time and money on data entry. By automating all of your sales data, you’re assured both accuracy and expedience. This important piece of the puzzle has been added to take you out of the data entry game for good and help you stay ahead of your growing e-commerce business.

Webgility for Infusionsoft automates sales and product data into QuickBooks or Xero on an automatic schedule or on demand, no data entry needed. With this new solution, you can centralize order data across their Infusionsoft online sales channels and marketplaces, gaining perspective on your entire e-commerce business from one place. Webgility for Infusionsoft lets you stay focused on marketing, selling, and growing your businesses—all with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your accounting is all squared away.  

There’s no doubt, Infusionsoft has made a real difference for small businesses looking to streamline their sales and marketing processes, letting them capture more leads, better communicate with customers, and develop loyalty programs with significant ROI, all while saving massive amounts of time by automating workflows. Webgility is excited to bring the benefits of Infusionsoft to its customers, maximizing the efficiency that the Webgility solution brings to their e-commerce financial workflows.



Before founding Webgility, Parag led product teams at and was a founding partner at the leading web development company Gate6. Parag is a self-proclaimed data addict.

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