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From mess to success

A multichannel seller finds the answer to success.

True story.

Life in the ecommerce world is an interesting road. After many years working for one of the largest online multichannel sellers, I never imagined that in my next position I would be working for the company, Webgility, that I so desperately needed in my previous position. 

I am sharing my story with other multichannel sellers for two reasons:

  1. When I vetted Webgility as potential employer, I couldn’t believe what it could do. It is the most relevant platform for ecommerce multichannel automation that I had ever seen.
  2. So now, as a Webgility employee, I want to raise awareness for other multichannel sellers so they know there is an affordable, robust solution to the biggest multichannel seller pain points they are experiencing today. Want to learn how to grow your business exponentially while saving time and money? Read my story.

As I wrote above, when I vetted Webgility, I was enamored with the technology. I kept thinking that if my former ecommerce company had had access to Webgility, we could have saved so much time and money, and could have scaled the business so much faster.

Product mapping on multichannels

Here’s why Webgility truly would have been our panacea (and can be yours today!):
We had over 200,000 products on the website and were sellers on over a dozen marketplaces. If you’re an ecommerce owner or employee, you know how much time and effort is spent just on the product mapping for each marketplace! Twelve different CSV files—it was maddening for us. (Can you relate?) In fact, we had to have a full-time employee manage the marketplace data—quite an expense. Data entry was repetitive, time-consuming, costly and out of control.

Inventory and overselling

And then there was inventory. I cringe when I think about the massive overselling that resulted from the inability to keep track of inventory—it was never accurate, which meant orders could be placed and paid for when we really didn’t have the inventory. And that is the quickest way to get bad customer reviews and lose business. And you know the time it takes to cancel and refund orders.

Dropshipping vendors

Dropshipping was our strategy for success. Imagine managing operations with hundreds of vendors in the mix. I remember one vendor who had a popular, hard-to-find product. It was a family business and if the family member who managed orders went on a fishing trip, well, orders would back up and it was uncertain when they would ship. Of course we could have just ended our relationship with that vendor, but we worked with them ad nauseum to get a workable shipping cadence because of the demand for the unusual product. I look back on that one vendor and think to myself, “If we only had known about Webgility’s automation so we could have met our customers’ expectations.”


Along with the drama of erratic vendor performance, there was the nightmare of shipping. Back then, the only leverage we had with shipping rates was our ability to negotiate deals with the shipping carriers. It was a matter of this one being less expensive than that one when shipping to this location on weekdays and this carrier offering deals on weekends or when there were blue moons—I think you know what I mean. The carriers had us over a barrel, so to speak. Although our order volume was high, shipping costs nearly killed us. Online shoppers were used to free shipping as the standard. When they bought from us, they could buy five items that had to be shipped from five different vendors, causing us to have five separate shipping costs, which we absorbed, for the most part. If we had had the ability to compare multiple carriers’ costs, it would have been a lifeline in terms of profitability.

Accounting: end of month nightmare is over with Webgility

My office was next to accounting. End of month always included some distressed cries. If you’re a multichannel seller, you know what it’s like to reconcile your monthly sales. With a dozen marketplaces and website sales, managing all the related fees such as taxes, shipping costs, profit, loss, processor fees, settlement reports, returns and on and on, was a nightmare.  Automated accounting sync would have made the accounting team giddy. In fact, it may have reduced the need for such a large accounting staff—a huge savings in itself.

The biggest mistake: not using Webgility for ecommerce automation

A few years into this madness of trying to manage orders, shipping, inventory and accounting,  we were ready to have a proprietary system built to seamlessly automate our ecommerce operations into a dashboard that provided real-time reporting, including financials. Preparing the RFP for this project took months. Finding companies that could do this caliber of work took even longer. A year later, we were wooed by two companies that were capable of doing the job. While we were given brilliant proposals by each company, their quotes began in excess of one million dollars.

I left the ecommerce company shortly after that and wasn’t able to enjoy the changes that were eventually made, however, I learned they settled on doing some workarounds in intervals that made a lot of sense financially, but still pricey and it took years to complete.

Here I am today, enjoying sharing the benefits of Webgility’s top-rated automation software for multichannel sellers. Webgility’s automation enables them to connect and sync all ecommerce systems, apps, and sales channels, optimize order and inventory management, shipping, and accounting and garner actionable data insights to reduce costs and profitably grow revenue. I can’t imagine operating a multichannel ecommerce business without  Webgility’s automation.

Such a small investment for such a huge payoff

And the kicker is the cost. What once cost my previous company seven-figures to create can be accessed for a cost comparable to a monthly car payment. And there’s no waiting.

Now you can see why I hold Webgility as the best must-have tool for any multichannel seller who is serious about growth, saving time and money while accelerating revenues. Webgility would have taken my former ecommerce company from mess to success in no time.

What are you doing to grow your ecommerce business? Webgility is a terrific place to start.