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Introducing Unify Online: Let the Multi-channel revolution begin!

Parag Mamnani, Founder and CEO of Webgility, announces the release of Unify Online, an e-commerce software solution for SMBs to fully manage their multi-channel company.

Introducing Unify Online: Let the Multi-channel revolution begin!If there is one thing I’ve learned in my years building Webgility, it’s that growing an e-commerce business is hard. And business fatigue is real.

Now, I’m not talking about the tiredness that comes with burning the candle at both ends building a successful business, although we all know what that’s like. I’m talking about all the exhaustive—and exhausting—options that e-commerce businesses have today. In a world of endless SaaS applications, the choices can be so rich but so very overwhelming.

Our mission at Webgility is to empower businesses facing those choices, helping them succeed without making them change their ways or locking into just one solution. Flexibility is indeed the key to business success, now more than ever with the growth of niche SaaS applications that power various parts of business.

Today I’m pleased to introduce a major step toward our mission. We are introducing Unify Online, the first e-commerce solution that connects and unifies all revenue streams and expenses so multi-channel companies can have better perspective, make smarter decisions, and run all operations from a single view.

I know this word is often thrown about, but I firmly believe that Unify Online is a true revolution in how e-commerce companies can manage their businesses, with unprecedented visibility and, even more important, actionable financial insights. We’ve built Unify Online based on the feedback of 10,000 customers working on more than 50 platforms. By working with such a diverse group of customers and applications, we’ve found the secret to multi-channel selling success: unification without compromise.

Unify Online not only allows e-commerce and SMB businesses to conquer the challenges that come with being multi-channel but, by unifying their data rather than forcing them to switch platforms, it allows them to run their business exactly the way they want. And this is just the beginning—there are more financial insights and deeper integrations coming quite soon.

Rest assured, integration, accounting, and financials are still at the core of our products. We’re now using these learnings to provide a much broader solution that helps businesses manage all aspects of their e-commerce operations—including fulfillment, inventory management, marketing, and more—from a single location.

So, thank you for helping us solve this perennial e-commerce problem. And watch this space—the revolution is just beginning.



Before founding Webgility, Parag led product teams at and was a founding partner at the leading web development company Gate6. Parag is a self-proclaimed data addict.

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