NEW: Major upgrades to Webgility

NEW: Major upgrades to WebgilityIt’s been a minute since we’ve made big changes to Webgility, so please take a look

Today’s news is big. In fact, our product team has been hard at work for months developing enhanced features specifically aimed at making business easier for online sellers. Because that means something different to each of our customers, this list of enhancements covers a lot of territory. Read on to find out more, and click the hyperlinks to see a detailed description and instructions for using each feature. 

Inventory management made easier 

  • Automatic Inventory Sync: You can now automatically keep inventory synced in your accounting across sales channels. This feature can be scheduled to run hourly or nightly. Now managing your inventory will take even less effort.
  • Product Returns Sync: When merchandise is returned to your store, you can now sync and adjust your inventory across sales channels to reflect that item. To help your bottom line, this returned merchandise can promptly re-enter your inventory and be sold again.Hey #sellers: Now #Webgility by @Webgility makes #ecommerce even easier. #Upgrades Click To Tweet
  • Warehouse Inventory Tracking: QuickBooks Desktop users who fulfill orders from multiple warehouses can now track inventory by location. This is helpful for those who’d like to scale their business and stay sane at the same time.
  • Real-time Assembly Build: Webgility can now post assembled products in QuickBooks Desktop as orders are received in real-time. This feature allows you to still make a sale even when quantity of an assembled product falls to or below 0.

Amazon features

    • FBA Inventory Tracking: QuickBooks Desktop users can now track Amazon FBA inventory separately from merchant-fulfilled inventory. This means you’ll have full visibility into your entire business.
    • Improved Amazon Settlement Reports: Webgility can now post every single line item of Amazon’s settlement report into QuickBooks – with 100% accuracy. With full visibility into your Amazon fees, you’ll be able to tweak those profit margins in your favor.
  • Marketplace Settings: You’ll now be able to configure fees on specific marketplaces like Amazon Canada and Amazon UK to post to separate financial accounts. The ability to customize settings on each store will give you more control over those margins.

Enhanced intelligence

    • Inactive Product or Customer: Webgility can now re-activate an inactive customer or product so as to enable order posting to QuickBooks. Now nothing stands in the way of your accurate and timely accounting.
  • Posting Orders with Tax: Webgility can now post taxable orders to QuickBooks when a taxable item is incorrectly marked as non-taxable. Just one more safeguard to ensures you’re always in compliance.

Yup, that’s a lot to take in, but there’s more to come very soon. In fact, we’re working on several brand-new features that will make Webgility easier to use and more helpful in growing your profits. Stay tuned!



Before founding Webgility, Parag led product teams at and was a founding partner at the leading web development company Gate6. Parag is a self-proclaimed data addict.