Partner Profile: Andy Eastes, Founder and CEO, SkuVault

Andy Eastes, CEO SkuVaultSkuVault CEO Andy Eastes’ story started in middle school when he began selling things online out of his friends’ parents’ basements, garages, and attics. That eventually evolved into estate sales and then actual stores with actual vendors. Then he helped start an apparel and footwear e-commerce company in Louisville, Kentucky where he soon built his first inventory system. Shortly thereafter he put himself back in the e-commerce business by building the prototype of SkuVault, then called Epic, which he sold to two customers, one of which is still using it today. In December 2012, he launched the web-based system which is now known as SkuVault.Check out this partner profile and get to know Andy Eastes, #CEO of @SkuVault. #Webgility Click To Tweet

SkuVault is a warehouse management technology platform that also has supporting features to go further back in the supply chain and enable companies to come into the 21st Century, go digital, and be multi- and omnichannel from the beginning. SkuVault takes sales all the way from purchasing up to and through the fulfillment process to then on the backside of that the reporting and analytics. Partnerships and integrations with companies like Webgility and the Virtual ERP for e-Commerce are key to their clients’ success.

Active in the e-commerce community for 10 years, Andy has a passion for increasing efficiency for both online retailers and wholesale businesses. In his own words, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

We couldn’t agree more, Andy! We know from experience, the best e-commerce software and systems are created by hands-on entrepreneurs who run or build e-commerce businesses. That’s why we’re thrilled to call SkuVault a partner. By experiencing the pain points of sellers firsthand, problem-solvers like Andy create solutions that actually work in today’s fast-moving, competitive selling environment. To learn more about how SkuVault is a leader in the Virtual ERP for e-Commerce, download our latest white paper. Better yet, start a free trial of Webgility for SkuVault.

To learn more about how SkuVault is a leader in the Virtual ERP for e-Commerce solution, download our latest Virtual ERP white paper or better yet, start a free trial of Webgility for SkuVault today.




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