Partner Spotlight: Avalara

Partner Spotlight: Avalara

A trusted Webgility Partner since 2013, Avalara provides critical sales tax management in a simple way to thousands of customers every day. To the delight of our customers, Avalara software integrates directly into eCC, providing a complete set of transactional tax compliance services developed specifically to serve SMBs. Webgility and Avalara also share several key Partners, including QuickBooks, NetSuite, Xero, creating a natural alignment of both mission and function—to improve the quality of life of online retailers.

How’d we meet? Turns out, we have a lot of other friends in common, too—like anybody who’s selling online. So if you’re an online retailer, you’re going to have to collect sales tax in states where you have a physical presence. And whether you’re shipping direct or drop-shipping through different channels, somebody needs to collect that sales tax. Avalara helps with that.

Just as Webgility’s and Avalara’s customers have similar goals, they also share the same pain points, including the ever-shifting landscapes of e-commerce and tax compliance—both are always in flux. For example, many business owners don’t realize that tax laws change constantly and unpredictably. In fact, our friends at Avalara point out, answers to questions about tax compliance often start with “that depends,” because the rules are vary so widely from state to state. Sometimes there are dozens of jurisdictions to manage within each state (we’re talkin’ to you, Alabama!), and within those jurisdictions, tax requirements can change frequently with no rhyme or reason. Sound exhausting? Avalara and Webgility to the rescue.

Truth is, people are buying more online every day and with that surging economy comes complexity that didn’t exist before. While this is somewhat of a luxury problem, tax is one of those complexities, which is why it’s a big focus for auditors and why operating under the hunch that your taxes are handled correctly is not good enough. The risk of exposure from non-compliance is simply not worth it. Happily, Avalara’s automation takes care of those tax details so you can focus on growing your business and planning that early retirement.  

If you aren’t using Avalara, now’s a great time to get started. Avalara is offering a limited-time special offer of one year of free gold support for any new Avalara customer. This is for Webgility customers and is valid through November 15, 2015.