The Truth About E-Commerce Applications

The Truth About E-Commerce Applications4 simple facts to help you build a tech stack that leads you away from failure and toward growth and prosperity

Today’s e-commerce universe is made up of hundreds of applications, in theory, all of which were created to solve a problem for the online seller. Unfortunately, many apps fail to get to the core of the issues they’re trying to solve, and by floating aimlessly, they actually create other challenges. Worse still, apps that do legitimately solve a problem are often too siloed to be useful to merchants whose workflows require them to move through systems (sales, inventory, shipping, accounting) with every order. Good read: The truth about #ecommerce #apps, by @RobMcGrorty Click To TweetBalance is the key when going deeper down on the problem side and then wider on the solutions side — and then back again. App developers who truly get that concept do both: solve problems and repair systemic inefficiencies. Here are a few easy ways to identify what works and what’s wasteful before adding apps to your online business. Continue reading

The 5 Top QuickBooks Apps of 2017

The 5 Top QuickBooks Apps of 2017Written by Fundera’s Seth David

There are so many amazing apps that sync with QuickBooks—it’s difficult to choose just five. But after careful deliberation and reflection on my own experience with these apps, I think we’ve come to the right conclusions.

Below you’ll find the five must-have apps that will make your life easier when you use them in conjunction with QuickBooks.

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How to Shop for e-Commerce Apps

How to Shop for e-Commerce Apps

Simple tips for finding what works.

If you feel like most e-commerce business apps are not designed to work well with others in ecosystem, you’re right. It’s not in the interest of platforms and marketplaces to develop tools and applications that work with their competitors, but that doesn’t mean that their apps are bad, just limited.

Full integration is one of the keys to our flagship product Unify, so I’m biased when it comes to finding tools that allow you to run your business from one place. But whether you’re looking for apps that connect different areas of your business or just a simple tool to solve a specific problem, here’s what I recommend when shopping for apps for your online business. How to shop for #ecommerce #apps. Simple tips for finding what works. #marketplace #platform, #unify Click To Tweet

Identify what areas of your business can really benefit from a tool. This can be as simple as asking yourself “What is the most inefficient or challenging part of my day?” If entering sales order data into QuickBooks, Xero, or NetSuite takes you forever or requires you to hire someone, there’s an automation app for that. If you find yourself overselling products and losing profits on messy fulfillment practices, there’s an inventory management app for that. If compliance is what keeps you up at night, there’s a sales tax tracking and validation app for that, too. Across the board the help is there when you need it, but it’s up to you to know what you need. Continue reading