Welcome Melanie Kalemba!

Melanie KalembaIntroducing our new Senior Vice President of Partnerships and Business Development

Today we announced the addition of Melanie Kalemba to our executive leadership team. As Senior Vice President of Partnerships and Business Development, Melanie, a former BigCommerce executive, will develop strategic relationships with key players and lead our thriving partner program, bringing innovative solutions to our rapidly growing customer base.

A friend of Webgility since we worked closely together to structure our partnership with BigCommerce five years ago, Melanie’s career-long advocacy for SMBs, enthusiasm for e-commerce, and prowess building high-level relationships will be tremendous assets to Webgility as we continue to grow. Continue reading

All Together Now

How All Together Nowto get beyond bootstrap by harnessing the power of partnerships

A healthy dose of independence is an essential ingredient in the startup world. After all, the very nature of entrepreneurship assumes a determination to do something better than the rest, find opportunity where no one else is looking, and pave one’s own way. While this is certainly not a new concept, charting new territory requires a generous amount of autonomy and nerve of which I had plenty when founding my company. However, this maverick instinct to differentiate our product and our brand from the pack was actually a barrier to significant growth.Stuck in a growth rut? Here's how to expand your horizons and increase revenue through partnerships. Click To Tweet

To my surprise, unleashing our full earning potential would require a significant pivot of our go-to-market strategy—to develop close alliances with key players and sometimes even industry competitors. After years of separating our brand from the pack, how could I admit there were companies in the same industry that were worthy of our allegiance? Were my killer instincts going soft? Since this concept was counterintuitive to the entrepreneurial mind and everything we had done before, my first challenge was to change my own perspective on how I saw the company. Here are some simple concepts that helped me consider what I would do differently if I could do it all again. Continue reading