Must See at IRCE 2018

The essential can’t-miss list for the biggest trade show in ecommerce

It’s that time of year again, when sellers—and the business who love them—learn and share about the latest developments in ecommerce. IRCE is a big show, so we’ve done the homework for you to highlight the important parts. Here are our Top 5 calendar-worthy activities to check out at the show:

Must See at IRCE 20181. Spotlight On: 3 Ways to Win with Ecommerce Automation
Exhibit Hall Tech Stage, June 7, 9:45am
Webgility CEO Parag Mamnani reveals how to use automation to work smarter, move faster, and gain more time and energy to grow your business. Not just for big retailers, back-office automation software has become a game-changer for smaller multichannel online sellers who want to increase profits and win. In addition to highlighting the actionable insights data automation brings, Mamnani will cover the benefits of automating:

2. Ecommerce Technology Workshop, June 5, all day
This all-day workshop covers the leading-edge innovations to have on your roadmap and radar. It will provide a deeper understanding of how technologies work together, which technologies to use and prioritize, and a showcase of digital innovations to grow sales and customer satisfaction. Is all day just too much to bear? Then we recommend Idea to Doorstep: How to Configure the Omnichannel Tech Stack at 9:00am. Must-See at #IRCE2018: Top 5 workshop sessions at @IRCE_Official #Unify Click To Tweet

3. Opportunity knocks: Building profitable online retail businesses, June 6, 11:00am It took a few years for the founder of retail chain Party City to warm up to e-retailing, but he’s since built a succession of online businesses, including In this session, he’ll share his approach to e-retail enterprises that turn a healthy profit, identifying opportunities in underserved markets, and how to take a business to the next level. We’re also hoping he’ll bring some candy.

4. Be an Ecommerce Champion! June 5-7, Booth 1513 Running an ecommerce business is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. In fact, meeting your revenue goals requires much more than hard work. In order to exceed expectations and succeed, today’s ecommerce sellers must work smarter. Webgility—the leader in ecommerce automation, integration, and business analytics—will get you to the finish line faster and in far better shape than your competitors. IRCE pro tip: They’ll have free gifts and raffle a $500 Amazon gift card.

5. Think Like a Tech Startup: Tech Growth with Retail Efficiency, June 7, 10:30am Building a successful ecommerce company requires mastering the discipline of retail merchandising while also managing a complex technology infrastructure to control the increasing costs of logistics. In this talk, Tomo Ventures will analyze the importance of tailoring your merchandise and marketing for driving revenue growth, while constantly innovating and adapting your technology and operations infrastructure to scale efficiently, sustaining profit margins against downward pressures.

Rest up, it’s going to be a great big show. See you in Chicago!



Emerging Tech Trends in Accounting

Emerging Tech Trends in AccountingWritten by Jim Walsh, Chief Information Officer, Right Networks

As reviewed through time, this is likely to be a fascinating milestone in the evolution of accounting technology and its impact on business. Many working professionals can still remember when technology was burgeoning. From the perspective of accountancy, paper ledgers gave way to spreadsheet applications. CPAs and accounting professionals passed files back and forth from shared drives or emailed them to peers and clients. Then those spreadsheets got more advanced – they were shared in content management systems or stored in the cloud and worked on by multiple people simultaneously. And now applications are becoming transformative in their ability to draw conclusions and anticipate trends based on the information that was once handwritten in books that wouldn’t even fit inside a backpack.Read about emerging #tech #trends in #accounting, by @RightNetworks #Unify #Cloud Click To Tweet

The accounting industry isn’t exempt or unique in the fact that it’s being impacted by a rush of technology advances. Thinking about all of the different ways that technology could impact any industry is as dizzying as it is speculative. It’s likely that we haven’t fully anticipated the ways that conditions and processes will merge to allow for new things. So how can a CPA firm or accounting professional prepare for a future where technology presents an unknown? Continue reading

Online Marketplaces in North America

Online Marketplaces in North AmericaAs published in Internet Retailer

This holiday season, some of the biggest online retailers are ready to give Amazon a run for its money. Giants like Wal-Mart,, and Costco, along with Facebook Inc. and other social media platforms have created alternative channels for marketplace sellers. These new channels are not only creating more avenues for listing products, amd pushing promotional offerings, but also an expansive marketplace to get more exposure.

“Online sellers should be selling on at least one online marketplace to increase reach,” says Parag Mamnani, CEO of Webgility, a provider of ecommerce automation software for multichannel ecommerce companies. “But in order to compete, merchants really must be selling on several different channels at once.”

According to Mamnani, online retailers are often intimidated by the prospect of selling on these different channels. But he says there are several steps they can take to fully leverage the different channels available to them. First, they should firm up their entire technology stack. “Stress test your operational workflows, make sure you don’t have any break-points in your orders management, inventory tracking, shipping or bookkeeping,” he says.Solid advice for multichannel sellers this holiday season. #ecommerce #unify Click To Tweet

Then, Mamnani recommends, online retailers and their teams should discuss replacing any inefficient tools or processes. “Now’s the time to clean up that inventory spreadsheet and create a better system to organize it,” he adds. “Is someone doing full-on forensic research every time there’s a return or exchange? Examine your return system and do a bit of research on return optimization and automation. I promise, trimming those inefficiencies now will pay off during peak selling season.” Continue reading

Welcome Billy Leung!

Billy Leung, SVP ProductWe have a new Senior Vice President of Product and we’re thrilled.

Today we’re thrilled to announced the addition of seasoned executive product leader Billy Leung as our new senior vice president of product. Going forward Billy will accelerate product development and advance user design for our rapidly expanding product and our growing company. In fact, Billy brings a deep understanding of user experience and a prowess with delightful design to our team, which will translate into even more powerful and accessible experiences for our rapidly growing customer community. We look forward to his contributions to our product—and the ecommerce industry at large—as a key leader of the Webgility team.

He brings extensive experience in product management, design, and growth to Webgility. During his 15+ years in Silicon Valley, Leung has focused on building such beloved consumer products as eBay, Trulia (Zillow), Zynga, and two successful startups.  Seasoned product expert Billy Leung joins Webgility as SVP of Product #Unify Click To TweetMost recently, Leung served as the Vice President of Product at if(we), maker of the top-rated Social Discovery mobile apps, where he led the company to a successful acquisition. He earned an MBA from UC Berkeley, as well as engineering degrees from Stanford University (MSME) and UC Berkeley (BSME).

Welcome to the Webgility family, Billy!

Announcing a New Office in India

Announcing a New Office in India

A happy moment shared by my father and Manoj.

To support Webgility’s rapid growth, today we’re thrilled to announce a significant expansion in Indore, India. Although we’ve been in India since 2007, we have now opened a new, high-tech campus at NRK Business Park in Indore. These are exciting times for us; we expect to double our India team in the next nine months, including leadership roles in engineering, ops, infrastructure, and customer success under the supervision of Manoj Chhablani, our head of operations in India. The new 16,000-square-foot space has state-of-the-art tech infrastructure as well as a gym, cafeteria, game room, and spacious work stations. Already a leader in technology in Indore, we will continue to attract the best in the industry via highly attractive and best-in-class salary packages.

Our Indore team has been a key to our company’s success, and we look forward to growing this amazing team as well as offering them the type of high tech, state of the art facilities that they deserve. The future is very bright for our company, and we invite the best and brightest in Indore to join us in our mission to make ecommerce easier.