What is Webgility?

Webgility is proud to be featured in this profile—by one of our most important partners—on QBOchat.

What-is-WebgilityWhat is your App’s name, what do you do, & when did your company start?

Webgility’s Unify automates sales data into QuickBooks, inventory, and shipping for multi-channel online. Unify is the #1 app in the retail category for QuickBooks, with 5-star ratings and an industry-wide reputation for being far more powerful and user-friendly than any competing software.

Unify is the #1 ecommerce application for SMBs in e-commerce. We reduce effort and inefficiencies for online sellers by automating their busy work and improving their operational workflows. We make business easier by delivering insights that sellers need to be profitable. Webgility was founded in 2007. Read more

Partner Profile: Andy Eastes, Founder and CEO, SkuVault

Andy Eastes, CEO SkuVaultSkuVault CEO Andy Eastes’ story started in middle school when he began selling things online out of his friends’ parents’ basements, garages, and attics. That eventually evolved into estate sales and then actual stores with actual vendors. Then he helped start an apparel and footwear e-commerce company in Louisville, Kentucky where he soon built his first inventory system. Shortly thereafter he put himself back in the e-commerce business by building the prototype of SkuVault, then called Epic, which he sold to two customers, one of which is still using it today. In December 2012, he launched the web-based system which is now known as SkuVault.Check out this partner profile and get to know Andy Eastes, #CEO of @SkuVault. #Unify Click To Tweet

SkuVault is a warehouse management technology platform that also has supporting features to go further back in the supply chain and enable companies to come into the 21st Century, go digital, and be multi- and omnichannel from the beginning. SkuVault takes sales all the way from purchasing up to and through the fulfillment process to then on the backside of that the reporting and analytics. Partnerships and integrations with companies like Webgility and the Virtual ERP for e-Commerce are key to their clients’ success. Continue reading

The 5 Top QuickBooks Apps of 2017

The 5 Top QuickBooks Apps of 2017Written by Fundera’s Seth David

There are so many amazing apps that sync with QuickBooks—it’s difficult to choose just five. But after careful deliberation and reflection on my own experience with these apps, I think we’ve come to the right conclusions.

Below you’ll find the five must-have apps that will make your life easier when you use them in conjunction with QuickBooks.

Read more.

See you at IRCE?

See you at IRCE?Let’s finally get together in person 

Who’s headed to Chicago next week? As luck would have it, your favorite data automation company will be exhibiting at the 2017 Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) June 6-8, so let’s meet up. To schedule an informational appointment or product demo with our sales team at the event, please contact sales@webgility.com. For all other inquiries, please contact Eileen Conway at eileen@zealotcommunications.com.

Next week at IRCE (Booth 1709), we’ll demonstrate how to build a simple, smart, and scalable online business with the essential tech stack. In fact, we’re inviting all attendees to stop by and enter our “Guess the LEGOs” game for a chance to win an Amazon Echo or, the grand prize, six free months of the Virtual ERP for e-Commerce. While supplies last, entrants will be awarded with their own bag of LEGOs, and a winner will be chosen daily. You can increase your chances of winning by visiting our participating partners Avalara (Booth 1017), Bronto (Booth 707), FedEx (Booth 1215), ShippingEasy (Booth 202), ShipStation (Booth 1029), Skubana (Booth 373), and SkuVault (1900). Also, with Stamps.com we will also co-host a party on Wednesday, June 7; for more information on this event, please contact Christina Del Villar at christinad@webgility.comVisit #IRCE2017 booth 1079 to hear about the #VirtualERP for #eCommerce! And because LEGOs. @IRCE Click To Tweet

As you’ve likely heard by now, Webgility’s Unify software is the foundation of the new Virtual ERP for e-Commerce—a unified network of best-of-breed systems that gives enterprising sellers like you the same business intelligence, operational stamina, and competitive edge enjoyed by the massive alpha retailers. In short, the Virtual ERP for e-Commerce is the antidote to the “app fatigue” plaguing today’s online sellers. By integrating with best-of-breed retail solutions, the Virtual ERP for e-Commerce brings efficiency, order, and scale to otherwise chaotic workflows and business operations. Basically, Unify empowers online retailers to focus on their passion rather than their operations. To learn more about the Virtual ERP for e-Commerce, register now for Webility’s high-level panel webinar on June 27 at 11:00 am PDT: http://go.webgility.com/Virtual-ERP-for-e-Commerce-Series-Come-Together_LP.html

Just like it is for our customers, IRCE is always one of the most exciting shows of the year for us. At this year’s show we’re thrilled to be rolling out such an important new initiative with our many partners. With the Virtual ERP, online retailers can focus on their revenue aspirations rather than operational headaches. Stay tuned for more exciting news from the show.

Is That a Basket or a Bike?

Is That a Basket or a Bike?Some questions come up from Webgility customers repeatedly, including this one: “Can you explain the different item types and how they are classified in my online store in QuickBooks?”

QuickBooks gives you a few options in the desktop software, where you can have inventory parts or non-inventory parts. Inventory parts are going to end up on your inventory asset account and you get to select where they’re going to show up as an asset type. Then every sale is going to take one item out of the asset account and put it in your cost of goods sold. Continue reading