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Unify and Unify Enterprise: Which one is right for me?

We clarify the features in Unify and Unify Enterprise and which software solution is best for your business needs.

Unify and Unify Enterprise: Which one is right for me?We’re happy to report our new and improved products Unify and Unify Enterprise have been very well received since we launched them in October. However, it seems their expanded feature lists have caused customers some difficulty in deciding which one is the best fit for their business. If you’ve had trouble discerning which product suits your company, we sincerely apologize. Hopefully this will clear things up:

Unify (formerly eCC Cloud) Unify is a powerful solution for anyone who wants to simplify their multi-channel business and run it from one location. It’s a good fit for customers with a revenue goal up to $5 million. Unify is made for a single-user and for businesses that employ up to 20 people. It’s perfect if you are using QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, or Xero. Unify offers basic accounting, inventory, process automation, email marketing, and tax tracking features but it does not include order management, shipping, dropshipping, or product transfers. Unify is a self-serve product that is available for a free 15-day trial.

Unify Enterprise (formerly eCC Desktop) offers our most robust feature list, which includes order management, shipping, dropshipping, product transfers, tax compliance, collaboration, and advanced accounting as well as extensive automation. It is a great fit for customers using QuickBooks Desktop and NetSuite with a revenue goal of more than $5 million. Unify Enterprise works best for multiple users, in fact, it’s ideal for companies that have more than 20 employees. Each Unify Enterprise customer enjoys a dedicated account manager and priority support and anyone interested in Unify Enterprise is offered a free demo or presentation to ensure the product is a good fit for their multi-channel e-commerce company.

The Webgility Marketing Team

The Webgility Marketing Team

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