We’re Putting Our Stamp on Stamps.com!

Wow, we have more big news to share and it involves another trusted Webgility partner.

Effective immediately, Stamps.com—leading PC postage provider for the United States Postal Service (USPS)—will grant Webgility users the lowest possible rates on USPS shipping. This gives our customers access to Commercial Plus Pricing rates for qualified USPS shipments using Stamps.com. The deal represents a significant savings for high-volume multichannel sellers who currently receive Commercial Base Pricing or Retail Rates on their shipping, allowing them to:

As an ecommerce industry innovator, we’ve long made it top priority to put our customers first and address their biggest challenges with best-in-class technology solutions. For many multichannel sellers, disconnected systems, manual processes, inefficient operations, and high shipping costs are among the top barriers to profitable growth. This agreement ensures small to medium-sized companies can get the same efficiencies and discounted pricing as big retailers and brands. These discounted rates (up to 40%) will be available to all existing Webgility customers with no downtime required for software updates. Small and medium-size businesses who sell on multiple channels will be able to take advantage of these low shipping rates with the purchase of our Webgility, the industry’s most comprehensive ecommerce and accounting automation solution.

The real winners in our partnership with Stamps are Webgility customers. Now you can automate accounting, inventory, and shipping with one software and know you’ll receive the lowest possible rates for USPS shipping. We’re excited to work with Stamps in transforming ecommerce and making it easier and more cost effective for SMBs.

For more information about this partnership or to schedule a demo of Webgility software, click here.


The Webgility Marketing Team