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Webgility Customer Stories

Webgility has a diverse customer base ranging from startups to larger retailers, selling on platforms and channels like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Magento, and more. Learn how Webgility has helped these companies simplify and automate their ecommerce business!

Webgility case study: Shear Enterprises

Shear Enterprises

The Shear Enterprises is really driven on seamless shapewear, and we do everything from extra small to 4X.

Webgility case study: Identity Stronghold

Identity Stronghold

Identity Stronghold was founded in 2005. The company launched the RFID protection industry, which serves everyone from the average shopper to high-clearance federal government employees.

Webgility case study: Celtic Mink Jewelry

Celtic Mink Jewelry

The Celtic Mink Jewelry was founded 7 years ago and named for her Irish heritage and her pet minks, who she fondly remembers as mischievous and always stealing her trinkets to keep for themselves.

Webgility case study: The Sandbox Children's Boutique

The Sandbox Boutique

The Sandbox Boutique has long been an apparel staple in Chattanooga, Tennessee, opening in 1996 and transferring ownership seven years ago to a family with young children who loved clothes and retail.

Webgility case study: GroomersPro

Groomers Pro

Groomers Pro is a wholesale distributor of quality grooming products. Started in 2005 as a grooming van business, Groomers Pro expanded with wild success on Amazon, BigCommerce, and other channels.

Webgility case study: Epic Mens

Epic Mens

Webgility helps this premium menswear retailer stitch up its operations—and pocket handsome profits.

Webgility case study: RAREFORM


Webgility helps this innovative accessory maker turn billboards into beautiful profits.

Webgility case study: The Wine RayZyn Co.

The Wine RayZyn Co.

Webgility helps this nutritional snack company sustain healthy operations and profits

Webgility case study: LugBug


Webgility makes it easy for this innovative baby gear company to nurture sales and grow

Webgility case study: Club Ride Apparel

Club Ride Apparel

Webgility helps this small-town mountain bike company climb to higher profits

Webgility case study: DrillsAndCutters

Webgility keeps it simple for this specialized online-only store

Webgility case study: Loving Guidance

Loving Guidance

Thanks to Webgility, this 20-year old educational company gained strategic efficiency and financial understanding through accounting automation

Webgility case study: Product Bahn

Product Bahn

With Webgility they increased sales 1000% and increased order processing 83%

Webgility case study: KeyBar


Webgility is the key to success for this enterprising couple

Webgility case study: Discount Hydraulic Hose

Discount Hydraulic Hose

A 65-year-old business grows with the flow

Webgility case study: Eugene Toy & Hobby

Eugene Toy & Hobby

A solution for competing in a post-Amazon world

Webgility case study: Silver Mine Gifts

Silver Mine Gifts

How they struck gold with Webgility

Webgility case study: Bases Loaded

Bases Loaded

If you build it, they will buy

Webgility case study: Wedding Collectibles

Wedding Collectibles

Happily Ever After from Brick to Click

Webgility case study: Honeybee Gardens

Honeybee Gardens

How a kitchen-lab experiment came to be an international enterprise business

Webgility case study: Rider Shack

Rider Shack

Eliminated inventory errors between their online and retail stores

Webgility case study: Energetic Nutrition

Energetic Nutrition

Saves $1.00 per order

Webgility case study: The Nappy Shoppe

The Nappy Shoppe

Instantly posted eight months of sales with QuickBooks ecommerce automation

Webgility case study: The Wine Cellarage

The Wine Cellarage

Saves more than $400 per month

Webgility case study: E3Living

E3 Living

Saves time, money, and the environment

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