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Webgility Customer Story: E3 Living

webgility customer story e3 living


    Customer: E3 Living

    Location: Ashburn, VA

    Industry: Products for more sustainable living

    Platforms: Ubercart, BigCommerce, & Quickbooks Premier

Business Challenge

    Four hours per day wasted entering orders into QuickBooks Premier

    Inefficient shipping process took too many clicks


    Sync online store with QuickBooks to eliminate manual data entry

    Streamline shipping to speed up order processing


    Saving $300/week in labor costs

    Employees can focus on growing the business

E3 Living saves time, money, and the environment with Webgility

Mark Testere is passionate about saving the environment. He wanted to encourage people to have a positive environmental impact but recognized that being eco-friendly can often be time-consuming and expensive. In 2006 he opened an online store to make it easy and convenient for people to find, learn about, and purchase eco-friendly products.

E3 Living initially focused on energy-efficient lighting, and quickly expanded to offer a wide range of "green" products. Mark then narrowed the focus to products for more sustainable living, and added a blog to the site to further educate customers.

As E3 Living grew, manually transferring information between Ubercart and QuickBooks took up more time. It would take at least four hours to enter 20-30 orders in QuickBooks - longer if the employee had to handle other tasks such as answering the phones, or re-enter information because of data entry errors.

E3 Living was using QuickBooks' built-in Shipping Manager to process their UPS, FedEx, and shipments. Although this was faster than going to each shipping provider's website and using their online services, it still required individually entering each order and printing out labels. It took even longer to copy and paste tracking numbers into Ubercart to notify customers that their orders had shipped.

"Webgility has saved us approximately $300 a week and frees up four hours a day."

Mark Testere, Owner

E3 Living discovers Webgility, syncs store with QuickBooks in one click

Mark knew that he needed to streamline operations. "I'd been looking for a solution to sync my website with QuickBooks for a while. I knew that there had to be something out there." When he found Webgility in 2010, he was excited that Webgility was able to connect QuickBooks with Ubercart, and would also work with FedEx, UPS, and

Mark was impressed by how seamlessly Webgility integrated his QuickBooks, Ubercart, and shipping processors, and how easy it was to customize the settings for his business. With one click, E3 Living was able to bring their QuickBooks up to date.

The shipping process also sped up considerably. "Webgility's shipping features work pretty flawlessly. I just hit ship, put the weight and dimensions in, and pick the shipping options. It spits out a label, and I'm done," says Mark. He notes that Webgility requires "fewer clicks" compared to QuickBooks Shipping Manager.

E3 Living saves $300 a week, and expands to Amazon

Three years into using Webgility, E3 Living is running smoother and Mark uses the money and time saved to grow his business. They are now selling more lightbulbs by the case, and drop-ship those cases to customers from the manufacturer. E3 Living added an Amazon store, which is synced with Webgility so that they can manage all their orders from one place. They use Fulfilled by Amazon for select items, and record the Amazon expenses in QuickBooks.

Recently E3 Living switched to BigCommerce, a hosted shopping cart, to reduce the maintenance needed with an open-source platform like Ubercart. "Being compatible with Webgility was at the top of our feature list when we were researching a new shopping cart," says Mark.

For Mark, the biggest benefit of using Webgility is that he and his employees can spend their efforts on other areas of the business. "Webgility has saved us approximately $300 a week and frees up four hours a day of work," says Mark. They're able to add more items to their product lines and work on marketing and promoting their "energy, ecology, and economy" philosophy. "The software has really been a boon, a bit of a blessing for our business."

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