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Introducing Webgility 1-Click Accounting for Amazon

Ecommerce Software Leader Announces a Fast and Easy Way to Settle and Sync Amazon Seller Transactions with QuickBooks and Xero

Introducing Webgility 1-Click Accounting for Amazon

SAN FRANCISCO, February 6, 2018: Webgility, Inc., the leader in ecommerce automation software in the business market, today introduced a major enhancement to its Webgility software. Webgility 1-Click Accounting for Amazon makes it fast and easy for sellers to post Amazon Marketplace orders, refunds, expenses, and payments into QuickBooks®, NetSuite, or Xero. Webgility users can now swiftly reconcile their accounting with their Amazon Settlement Report, eliminating the need for any additional data entry or a separate clearing account.

The Amazon Settlement report contains settled, unsettled orders, and refunds from previous sales cycles. Because the report is only delivered by Amazon every two weeks, it’s difficult for sellers to reconcile their accounts between reports. This forces them to create a separate clearing account for sales that come in as they wait. Webgility’s new feature allows sellers to instantly—and automatically—settle in accounting in one batch once they receive their Amazon Settlement Report.

Webgility automatically syncs the Amazon Settlement Report with QuickBooks Online or Xero, making batch reconciliation easy for both sellers and accountants. With Webgility 1-Click Accounting, Amazon sellers can now see a complete list of orders from the current settlement period, whether they received payment from Amazon, and what Amazon has charged them in fees and expenses. Webgility 1-Click Accounting is being rolled out to both existing and new Webgility customers, with no additional charge.

"Reconciliation is a key to profitability on Amazon. Most Amazon sellers operate with wire-thin margins, so they need to have more visibility into sales, fees, and returns,” said Parag Mamnani, founder and CEO, Webgility. “They also want detailed information in their trend reports, in a much more granular fashion than they can get from Amazon. Webgility provides sellers with data, analytics, and insights to help them reduce data entry costs, improve margins and drive higher ROI."

Webgility 1-Click Accounting

  • Automatically posts Amazon orders, refunds, expenses, and payments as a batch directly into QuickBooks®, NetSuite, or Xero
  • Instantly reconciles the seller’s accounting with their Amazon Settlement Report with no additional data entry
  • Syncs Amazon sales and refunds daily—individually or as a batch
  • Tracks Amazon fees/expenses as separate transactions or records them as one line item
  • Syncs historic data from Amazon Settlement Reports going back 120 days

For a deeper dive into this new feature, join our webinar on February 22nd, 2018 at 10am PST / 1pm EST: Mission Possible—Easy Amazon Reconciliation.

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