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Webgility Offers 50 Percent Discount to Nonprofits, Helping Power #GivingTuesday

Nonprofits Optimize Results for Easy Online Donations

Webgility Offers 50 Percent Discount to Nonprofits, Helping Power

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, December 01, 2015: Webgility Inc., the leading provider of software that connects and unifies multi-channel ecommerce sales and accounting, today announced a 50 percent discount for all new nonprofit customers. This discount will help nonprofits maximize results and organize their financials on #GivingTuesday and beyond.

"Giving Tuesday is making a huge difference for nonprofits," said Webgility Founder and CEO Parag Mamnani. "In fact, last year 17.8 percent of giving happened in December. By enabling nonprofits to be more efficient and successful, we're helping more people in need this holiday season."

Since the inception of Giving Tuesday in 2012, online giving has grown steadily, up 8.9 percent from 2013 to 2014. In addition, small nonprofit organizations continue to see the largest increase in online giving and buying, according to industry studies done by M+R Research and Blackbaud. This online trend is also important because studies show that people who give both offline and online are more likely to continue giving than those who donate exclusively either online or offline. Nonprofits retain approximately 58 percent of first-time donors who give both online and offline, and only 29 percent of offline-only donors.

It is Webgility's hope that its 50 percent nonprofit discount will enable online charities to be more efficient and successful, and therefore help more people in need. For example, it's important for Webgility nonprofit customer to be online. Being able to offer their donors a convenient way to give is key to increasing the nonprofit's reach and impact. Webgility enables them to collect funds online and still have an easy, integrated way to understand their financials. On this Giving Tuesday, Webgility expresses deep gratitude to SyrianOrphans.Org and all the nonprofit organizations that work so hard to make the world a better place.

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About Webgility

Webgility, Inc. is the leading provider of software for multi-channel ecommerce companies. Its mission is to revolutionize the way online retailers run their business so they can focus on what inspires them and be more successful. Webgility connect all revenue streams and expenses so multi-channel companies can have better perspective, make smarter decisions, and run all operations from a single software. Webgility® is a certified partner of Intuit®, QuickBooks®, NetSuite, and Xero, and works with more than 40 ecommerce platforms and SaaS providers (such as Amazon®, eBay®, Bigcommerce®, Shopify®, and Magento®), including shipping carriers (FedEx®, UPS®, USPS), payment processors (PayPal, Stripe), and hosting providers. Webgility's solutions manage millions of transactions each month for more than 10,000 online stores. Founded in 2007, Webgility is headquartered in San Francisco with an international branch in Indore, India. For more information about Webgility, visit

About The Syrian Orphans Organization

The Syrian Orphans Organization is a nonprofit, non-political, registered 501c(3) organization, established in August 2012, in an effort to bring education and humanitarian aid to individuals most affected by the on-going civil war in Syria. As the war continues to sweep the nation unabated, the Syrian youth are paying the heaviest price with over five million children who have been robbed of their education and their basic human necessities. SyrianOrphans.Org was created by an influential group of Muslim American professionals who have made it their mission to restore the livelihood of the innocent victims of civil unrest and also to be an example that the efforts of a few, can, in fact, spark big change and go a long way in making a difference in the lives of others. For more information about the Syrian Orphans Organization, visit

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