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Webgility Helps Leading Online Speciality Retailers Succeed, Offering Tools to Cut Through Inventory Hassles, Integrate Seamlessly with Key Systems

Innovative niche companies like Club Ride Apparel and rely on Webgility to simplify operations and accounting

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SAN FRANCISCO, April 25, 2017: Webgility, the leader in multi-channel ecommerce software, today revealed that leading online speciality retailers like Club Ride Apparel and  are turning to Webgility’s industry-leading Webgility software to simplify inventory management and integrate with best-of-breed solutions such as Square, and QuickBooks, so they can concentrate on selling their highly specialized goods rather than dealing with fulfillment hassles or worrying about accounting.

“So much of online selling is driven by specialty companies’ ability to meet the specific, unique needs of their customers quickly,” said Parag Mamnani, founder and CEO, Webgility. “If they’re to succeed, small retailers need to know where their inventory is—and how much of it is actually available—in real time, all the time. Webgility is designed to integrate with retailers’ systems of choice, making it simple to keep track of inventory and accounting rather than hassling with operational and accounting headaches.”

For example, Club Ride Apparel manufactures and sells multi-use mountain bike clothing and gear that is both technical and stylish. Growing steadily since its 2008 founding, the company struggled with inaccurate inventory, over-selling, and manual data entry between Shopify, Amazon, Square. Before Webgility, it took Club Ride Apparel at least 10 minutes per order to manually duplicate sales orders, create invoices, execute item fulfillments, and email an order. Now all of these steps happen instantly without them even touching the data, eliminating all human error.

“Because you’re not face-to-face in a physical store, when you lose a customer’s trust it’s really hard to get it back,” said Taggart Spenst, Marketing and ecommerce Sales Manager, Club Ride Apparel. “Webgility has offered an invaluable integration and I think that we’re at a place where it’s going to get even better from here—Webgility is a great product.”

Similarly,, is a small, specialized operation that sells professional cutting tools, specifically drill bits, taps, dies, reamers, end mills, and other cutters and saws. Because they sell such specialized products, keeps their business model fairly simple, with one custom website using a BigCommerce shopping cart and a few marketplaces. Still, even with this simple setup, there was accounting complexity. needed a way to seamlessly put all their sales data into QuickBooks without introducing costly, timely, and inaccurate data entry. After considering a few other SaaS data automation options, Webgility’s

Webgility seemed like a good solution based on its main functionality and price. Today, business is booming and appreciates how, with Webgility, they can “set it and forget it.”  

More and more, sellers are finding that Webgility is both the foundation and mortar of the essential tech stack for their ecommerce company, connecting and syncing all software and systems. To learn more, read more about these and other Webgility customer success stories and start a free trial of Webgility, visit

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