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Webgility Helps QuickBooks and Salesforce CRM Customers Increase Sales

Online Retailers Can Finally Sync Data Between Multiple Sales Channels, QuickBooks, and Salesforce CRM -- Making It Easier Than Ever to Run Their Business Their Way

Webgility Helps QuickBooks and Salesforce CRM Customers Increase Sales

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, FEBRUARY 02, 2016: Webgility Inc., the leading provider of software that connects and unifies multi-channel ecommerce operations, today announced unprecedented integration of its market-leading Webgility ecommerce solution with Salesforce CRM, bringing ecommerce companies both the relief from managing disparate data sets and the power of comprehensive, integrated data analysis.

Until now, ecommerce companies have had no easy way to integrate their ecommerce data with their Salesforce CRM. The result was a lack of clear understanding of the connection between orders and customers, which is critical information for a business to increase sales.

"ecommerce businesses are working hard to compete, increase ROI, and improve customer relationships using their CRM," said Parag Mamnani, Webgility CEO and Founder. "At Webgility, we are obsessed with data and integration -- and bringing ecommerce companies of all sizes this critical link between ecommerce and CRM is vital."

Using the new Salesforce CRM integration, ecommerce customers can:

  • automatically sync order data between multiple sales channels, their QuickBooks, and Salesforce;
  • centralize customer information across marketplaces and stores, avoid duplication, and ensure there is an accurate purchase history recorded in Salesforce CRM without manually syncing customer data;
  • see a full view of their business, gauging and meeting the needs of their audience more holistically, thereby increasing sales with deeper customer loyalty and higher customer satisfaction; and
  • scale their business easily without losing tight control of key data.

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About Webgility

Webgility, Inc. is the leading provider of software for multi-channel ecommerce companies. Its mission is to revolutionize the way online retailers run their business so they can focus on what inspires them and be more successful. Webgility solutions connect all revenue streams and expenses so multi-channel companies can have better perspective, make smarter decisions, and run all operations from a single software. Webgility's analytics solution Highlight helps multi-channel ecommerce businesses see what matters. Webgility® is a certified partner of Intuit®, QuickBooks®, and works with more than 40 ecommerce platforms and SaaS providers (such as Amazon®, eBay®, Bigcommerce®, Shopify®, and Magento®), including shipping carriers (FedEx®, UPS®, USPS), payment processors (PayPal, Stripe), and hosting providers. Webgility's solutions manage millions of transactions each month for more than 10,000 online stores. Founded in 2007, Webgility is headquartered in San Francisco with an international branch in Indore, India. For more information about Webgility, visit