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Webgility Revolutionizes Multi-Channel Selling, Brings Unprecedented Flexibility and Visibility to ecommerce

New Webgility Software Empowers Businesses to Run All Operations From a Single Solution, No Matter What Platforms and Channels They Prefer

Webgility Revolutionizes Multi-Channel Selling

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, OCTOBER 06, 2015: Webgility, the leading provider of software for ecommerce companies, today unveiled Webgility, the first ecommerce solution that connects and unifies all revenue streams and expenses so multi-channel businesses can have better perspective, make smarter decisions, and run all operations from a single view. Webgility not only allows ecommerce and businesses to conquer the challenges that come with being multi-channel but, by unifying their business data rather than forcing them to switch platforms, it allows them to run and scale their businesses exactly the way they want.

"Managing a business means you have to make hard choices every day—but having to commit to one platform for everything shouldn't be one of them," said Parag Mamnani, founder and CEO, Webgility. "We have spent years working with tens of thousand of ecommerce sellers, bringing data from all channels together. What we’ve created is going to change multichannel selling forever, providing financial insights never before possible. With Webgility as your business command center, you can use whatever applications and whatever channels you choose without ever losing sight of the big picture."

Features of Webgility which help businesses simplify and scale include:

Multi-channel selling: Build businesses on any marketplace or platform you choose and manage these multiple channels using a single solution. Control multi-channel orders, customers, inventory, and financials from one view. Simplify and sell more on more than 40 platforms.

Order management: Manage order statuses across all sales channels from a single location—filter, search, import, export, schedule automatic posting, create phone orders, easily process returns, and even add notes.

Inventory tracking: Keep track of what products are listed on what store, what’s selling for what price, and when you need to order more. Easily add sales channels and product listings from your master list. Automate price updates and accounting syncs.

Marketing: Easily market your products from multiple channels via unprecedented integration with MailChimp and others.

"People start companies to pursue their passions, not to become accountants," said Webgility board member and ecommerce industry leader Steve Power. "Webgility is empowering business people to build successful companies without having to waste time and energy tracking the constant shifts in rules and policies of the various ecommerce platforms out there.Webgility lets people concentrate on building their business rather than managing their finances. With Webgility, you can achieve not only complete control of your finances, but also receive actionable insights never before possible."

Webgility also enables companies to scale, easily connecting systems to increase productivity and profits.

"We have a rapidly growing business and Webgility plays a very important role in the level of success we are achieving," said Scott Parr, The Tri Shop. "In this competitive marketplace, it often comes down to doing things better, faster, and more efficiently than the competition. Webgility gives us the edge we are looking for."

Pricing and Availability

Webgility is available via subscription plans. For more information, please visit

About Webgility

Webgility, Inc. is the leading provider of software for ecommerce companies. Its mission is to revolutionize the way ecommerce companies run their business so they can focus on what inspires them and be more successful. Webgility connects and unifies all revenue streams and expenses so multi-channel companies can have better perspective, make smarter decisions, and run all operations from a single software. Webgility® is a certified partner of Intuit®, QuickBooks®, NetSuite, and Xero, and works with more than 40 ecommerce platforms and SaaS providers (such as Amazon®, eBay®, Bigcommerce®, Shopify®, and Magento®), including shipping carriers (FedEx®, UPS®, USPS), payment processors (PayPal, Stripe), email marketing tools (MailChimp), and hosting providers. Webgility’s software manages millions of transactions each month for more than 10,000 online stores. Founded in 2007, Webgility is headquartered in San Francisco with an international branch in Indore, India. For more information about Webgility, visit