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Webgility Helps Parenting and Education Retailers Boost Sales by Simplifying Operations and Focusing on Community

Innovative companies turn to Webgility to automate accounting and data syncs with Amazon, Magento, Shopify, ShipStation, QuickBooks Enterprise, and more

Webgility Helps Parenting and Education Retailers Boost Sales by Simplifying Operations and Focusing on Community

SAN FRANCISCO, March 23, 2017: Webgility, the leader in multi-channel ecommerce software, today announced growing momentum in the parenting marketplace, where leading businesses ranging from baby wearing providers to educational companies are turning to Webgility’s industry-leading Webgility software to streamline operations and automate inventory so they can focus on their high-touch customer base.

“Parenting and educational products and services rely on organic, grassroots marketing more than any other niche economy,” said Parag Mamnani, founder and CEO, Webgility. “If they’re to succeed, small retailers need to spend their time making a name in their community, not struggling with data entry. Webgility is designed to empower companies to focus on their customers and sales rather than their data management. We’re glad to see more and more baby and child-focused businesses turn to technology to help them build better businesses.”

A leader in integrating classroom management and social-emotional learning, Loving Guidance D/B/A Conscious Discipline turned to Webgility to simplify operations and continue creating positive environments for children, families, schools, and businesses. With a 20-year history of success, Conscious Discipline had moved to ecommerce in 2016 to reach more people and boost sales efficiency. The increased pace of ecommerce sales and a new Shopify store created a two-week backlog of data that needed to be input to QuickBooks and inventory management became an issue. At first, the company deployed a data integration software that did not work with their new infrastructure. Then Shopify recommended Webgility as the best syncing solution, and the company was on the road to a better understanding of their inventory, sales, and financials.

“Webgility allows us to look at our operation a little bit differently instead of having everything flow through one channel,” said Marta Santo, Conscious Discipline’s Director of Operations and Human Resources. “By automating our inventory and sales data into QuickBooks, we’ve reduced our order processing time from 14 days to less than 24 hours. And with better visibility into our finances, we’ve been able to see how we can reduce fees and expenses. Deploying Webgility was really an a-ha moment for our company.”

Similarly, another such success story comes from LÍLLÉbaby, a babywearing solutions and accessories company founded by Lisbeth Lehan. Technically, the brand and design first appeared to the public in 2004 but Lisbeth found there was a disconnect between them and their customers and retailers, a relationship that they found particularly important to their passionate and communicative community of moms. So when LÍLLÉbaby took over their own sales and distribution in 2012, their products really took off—and so did the logistics.

“We had sales coming in from Amazon and from our website, and we were manually entering the data and transferring it to QuickBooks. It was just becoming way too much, and we needed something that we could plug in between to help manage that handshake between different platforms,” said Steve Lehan, who helps out with IT for the company. “We found Webgility through a Google search and it quickly changed our lives. It pulls the information that you need down from your web store and syncs your inventory back up into your web store so it stays accurate. Now we can concentrate on our customers instead of our logistics.”

More and more, sellers are finding that Webgility is both the foundation and mortar of the essential tech stack for their ecommerce company, connecting and syncing all software and systems and creating the “Virtual ERP.” To learn more and start a free trial of Webgility, visit

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