Integrate NetSuite into Your Entire Ecommerce Ecosystem

Ecommerce Channels
and many more…
Shipping & Fulfillment
and many more…
Retail Partners
and many more…
  • Products created in either NetSuite or your online stores (Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, and more!) will always be in sync

  • Orders and sales will be consistent across NetSuite and your other systems

  • Inventory prices and quantities will be aligned

  • Automatically sync new and existing customers data

  • Amazon settlement reports and eBay invoice reports will also be in sync

Token-Based Authentication Supported


Automate Operations across NetSuite and Other Platforms

Optimize orders, inventory management, shipping, and accounting

Eliminate errors in accounting

Keep your inventory up-to-date

Streamline ecommerce workflows

Save time with bulk-processing

Automate data back-ups

Our customers save up to 50+ hours monthly
and increase order volume by 20%

Case Study - Cole Casperson

"Now it all happens instantly and automatically, so there’s no human error."

Cole Casperson // CFO - Club Ride // Case Study
Summary Postings
  • Group orders into a single transaction in NetSuite on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis
  • Easily select, by store, the orders that you would like to group and post as a batch into NetSuite
  • Sync and track fees and expenses with no data entry

Analyze Financial Performance

  • Identify the most profitable channels, products, and customers

  • Discover hidden expenses

  • Track granular expenses such as NetSuite marketplace fees, Amazon/eBay fees, and payment-processor fees

  • Summarize revenue and expenses in NetSuite for accurate accounting—and to reduce data bulk in NetSuite



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