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Multi-Channel Inventory Sync

Time for some serious e-tail ninja skills

No mercy on the competition

They say good living is the best revenge. In the online retail world, good living means selling it smartly on several sales channels like eBay, Amazon, Magento, Volusion, BigCommerce, and your own custom website. The ability to keep inventory all organized is a secret weapon against your competitors. Unify Enterprise edition makes sure your product listings are in sync and current and it keeps your warehouse efficient, eliminating wasteful spending. Most importantly, it ensures your inventory is an asset, not a liability.

Many channels, one solution

Keep inventory quantities and prices in sync across all sales channels. Streamline operations by syncing and tracking inventory with QuickBooks. Learn insights about how your products are moving with detailed reports on each e-commerce marketplace and platform.

Be the master of your domain

Use your own master list (either a store or your accounting) and keep it all in sync. Easily add sales channels and products without reorganizing or throwing off your systems. Scale your company at will. After all, you’re the boss.

Never oversell

Sleep well knowing your inventory is up-to-date, accurate, and in sync across all sales channels and in your accounting software. Stay organized and have full confidence in your vendor orders. Most of all, compete with impunity!

This was the best solution for our integration of our Magento store and our brick and mortar retail store. It keeps our inventory correct and saves countless time trying to reconcile on-hand product versus online orders. We couldn't be happier.
—Richard Roach, Canton Dish Barn
We ship around 100 orders per day, but whether your store is big or small, you should be recording your sales in an accounting suite such as Quickbooks. This is a time-consuming effort! Unless you pay yourself $1/hour, Unify Enterprise edition easily pays for itself!
—Paul McCain, Diode Dynamics
Amazing company. Amazing software. Saved me hours of manual transactions and they go out of their way to help and even customize your program if possible.
—Allan Pries, Geek Alliance
You can't run our business with incorrect data in QuickBooks. You're making key critical decisions based on that data so it'd better be right.
—Melissa Buckley, Honeybee Gardens
This application is extremely user friendly! It has streamlined our web sales and has DRASTICALLY cut down on data entry. We run a large operation and use QuickBooks as our primary internal system and we were manually entering every web order until I happened upon this amazing application!
—Crystal Righton, Mary Square/div>