About Danwidth

I don't want to be your bookkeeper. I transform businesses through technology by creating automagic workflows that allow your bookkeeping to be handled "by accident." Imagine entering data once, or not at all, and your bookkeeping is done for you. Specializing in brick and mortar retail and ecommerce, I will set up your services to integrate so that your accounting and bookkeeping is done for you as a result of you simply running your business. We work with a host of solution providers that all integrate into your accounting platform that will enable you to make informed business decisions in real-time.

My expertise is unparalleled across all of Intuit's Small business platforms. Online or Desktop, including Point of Sale, if it can be done in QuickBooks, I know how to make it happen. In addition, we partner with other business services to increase your revenue, decrease your expenses, and widen your online presence.

Services we provide:

End-to-end services from website creation, digital marketing, ecommerce platform to bookkeeping, payroll service setup, and support.