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Webgility QuickBooks Consultant Network

Become a Webgility QuickBooks Consultant

Webgility has helped thousands of businesses save time and money by connecting their online stores with QuickBooks. We offer several types of Implementation Services to help our customers make the most of our software. Members of our QuickBooks Consultant Network conduct the QuickBooks Consultation sessions to teach customers how to effectively manage their e-commerce accounting.

Benefits to you

We bring customers to you! When a Webgility customer signs up for a QuickBooks consultation, we refer them to a consultant in our network and pay you for your service.

Added perks

  • Free Unify Enterprise and Unify accounts
  • Access to our online store demo accounts
  • Hands-on training with our Customer Success team
  • Opportunity to upsell additional services to Webgility customers


  • Open to Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors who have a thorough understanding of the e-commerce space
  • You must join the Webgility Affiliate program and generate at least five sales
  • Complete training with our Customer Success team
  • Complete an assessment to show that you can properly integrate an online store with QuickBooks
  • Contribute content to our blog and community site


Q: How do I join the Webgility QuickBooks Consultant Network?

A: First you need to become an affiliate and generate five sales. Then you can contact our Customer Success Manager at for an application.

Q: How much training do you provide?

A: Potential consultants should already be familiar with how to use Unify Enterprise and/or Unify, how it connects with an online store and QuickBooks, and how data flows between the systems. We will provide advanced training on features, functionality, and high-level tips and tricks to ensure that you are comfortable advising Webgility customers.

Q: What other resources do you have?

A: We have a knowledgebase with tutorials and videos, and recorded webinars to help you learn more about our software. You can also email if you have specific questions.

Q: What kind of content will I need to contribute?

A: We are looking for content that provides thought leadership and advice for Webgility customers, including blog posts and webinar presentations. Potential topics include managing accounting, understanding QuickBooks, and making the most of an e-commerce business. Our QuickBooks consultants also respond to questions in our Community forum.

Q: How are consultants paid?

A: Consultants can invoice Webgility monthly for their QuickBooks consultations. Payments will be made electronically.

Q: Is it okay for me to offer more services directly to Webgility customers?

A: Absolutely! If we refer a customer to you for a consultation and they are interested in further services, you are free to work with them directly.

Want to learn more?

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