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The best accountants make it their business to make life easier for their clients who sell online. But you don’t have to be an ecommerce expert to be successful in this growing industry—you just have to know what they need. In fact, by eliminating costly errors caused by manual data entry and keeping ecommerce financials, inventory, and shipping accurate and organized, Webgility software makes the ecommerce life easier for both accountants and their ecommerce clients. You know what your ecommerce clients need and so do we—let's make selling easier, together.

Why Recommend Webgility?

This powerful software will integrate all your clients' multichannel sales and automatically sync their ecommerce data so they can stop all the back-office busywork. Webgility will reveal what’s selling on which channels and what they’re really spending in expenses and fees. Webgility will also track and sync inventory and shipping and allow them to manage all sales channels from one dashboard. What’s more, your clients will see financial reports across their entire business and get important insights that help them grow strategically.

10 Reasons Your Clients Will Love Webgility

  1. Multichannel Selling - Manage multiple channels, customer lists, inventory, and financials from a single dashboard.

  2. Automation - Automatically post order information from all sales channels directly into the company file.

  3. Order Management - Sync and track orders across all sales channels and accounting.

  4. Inventory - Syncs and track inventory across all sales channels and even create listings automatically.

  5. Shipping - Prints a labels or pick lists, sync inventory and accounting, validate addresses, track shipments, and notify customers.

  6. Savings - Save hours of manual data entry and fully reconcile accounting.

  7. Analytics - View reports on all channels, expenses, inventory, and finances to optimize operations and increase revenue.

  8. Workflow Automation - Schedule and automate all data entry, eliminating costly errors.

  9. Tax Compliance - Record sales tax and know exactly how much has been collected and what is owed.

  10. Marketing - Create customer lists for marketing and promotions.

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We integrate with more than 100 ecommerce companies, including

Webgility customer review
Huge time saver! This app has saved me tons of time on manual entry of orders. I could not be more happy with the services that this solution provides.
—Ali Sucheck, Accountfully
Web developer affiliate reviews
When it comes to integration with QuickBooks and literally any e-commerce platform, Webgility is the only solution I recommend to our customers.
—Vishal Wadher, atmosol
Web developer affiliate reviews
Webgility is a breath of fresh air.
—Emily Baker, Post Modern Marketing
Webgility customer review
We had a rather complicated integration between two online stores, QuickBooks, and two third-party fulfillment companies. Webgility didn’t miss a beat while helping us connect all the dots. And now the e-commerce solution is working smoothly, like a well-oiled machine.
—Gray Loon Marketing Group
Webgility customer review
Webgility solutions have made the lives of my e-commerce clients easier by automating their accounting and inventory control.
—Richard Pelzar, Webbit Media