Welcome to Webgility

Webgility is proud to present the launch of our newest product, Webgility Mobile! This mobile web application empowers rich, actionable insights across your multiple ecommerce stores to enhance the Webgility products you already know and love.

Welcome to Webgility Mobile

Mobility is no longer a convenience, but a necessity. Mobility goes beyond being mobile, beyond shoving your desktop programs onto a phone, and beyond the latest social craze. It has become the empowerment of getting stuff done wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Whether you’re sitting next to the water heater at your makeshift shelter-in-place office, parked outside your favorite local restaurant or walking across the way to your warehouse, your business cannot afford the absence of you and your insights. 

Webgility Mobile immediately provides a real time status of your business in clear language. Know your order volume, revenue and average order value at a glance, and then review the distribution across channels. If you’re interested in a specific store, select it in the chart and the rest of the page will refine the data to only what’s relevant.


That’s great information, but how does it compare to your normal operations? Webgility Mobile includes Month over Month, Month over This Month Last Year, and Year over Year analysis. It’s all at your disposal.

Sales Analysis

Then, compare that to today’s sales goal progression. And view what’s driving those sales today with your top products. With just a short swipe of your fingers, you’ll be confident in any course adjustments to be made.

Daily Sales Goal

If you have time for a more in-depth analysis of your operations, check out your Revenue Trends on the next page.

As we start here, we take a small step back to scan a chart of your daily sales. At the end of the line chart is a forecast of your projected sales for the next few days. Webgility Mobile uses advanced machine learning to forecast behaviors for the most accurate probabilities. Along with the most likely scenario, we provide upper and lower limits of the projection.

Revenue Forecast

This prepares you for the next few days, so let’s now prepare for the long term. Here are the same machine learning forecasting capabilities applied to the next 4 months based on the past 2 years of your sales history.

We now have an overview of where you’ve been and where you’ll likely go. Let’s dive a little deeper for understanding.

Webgility Mobile utilizes a stacked bar chart to provide a clear understanding of what ecommerce platforms are working best for you, week over week. For more information, drill down to see the weeks by individual store. Or, even drill into the week for a daily breakdown.


The insights from Webgility Mobile have included order volume, revenue and history. Now, let’s put that all together to compare revenue versus order volume over time. And, for those with a keen interest in logistics, we’ve mapped the shipping destinations of your orders.


For the data hungry users, we include additional comparisons to revenue including tax, shipping and discounts. This will not only keep you apprised of errors and anomalies, but also operational reviews of price cut performance, free shipping deals and other sales-driving techniques.


Webgility Mobile is not just analytics, it is the power to drive your complex business to success. Our platform is designed to grow with you, and destined to grow for you.

Mobility is a necessity. Business doesn’t wait for you to brew a cup of coffee and settle at your desk. Know your organization like never before – past, present and future – at a moment’s notice using Webgility Mobile.