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Webgility Solutions Help Your Online Retail Clients Succeed

Webgility takes away all the busywork, inaccuracy, and confusion for your multi-channel e-commerce clients.
Our solutions work with leading e-commerce and SaaS platforms, including Bigcommerce, Magento, Shopify, Amazon, and eBay.

multi-channel management solution

What’s in it for you?

You’ve seen so many e-commerce clients come and go with an entrepreneur’s dream and then quickly burn out from endless amounts of busywork and confusion. Now you can keep your clients happy and help them build their business for the long haul. Easily integrate their site with over 50 e-commerce and SaaS platforms so they can effortlessly experiment with a business model that’s right for them. Add to your expertise by becoming even more proficient in e-commerce web development.

e-commerce integration and management solution

What’s in it for your clients?

Helping your clients be successful is the best way to let them know you’re on their team. The world of multi-channel e-commerce can be difficult to manage and at times they may feel like they’re lost in the minutia, but you can show them a much easier way. Once they automate their sales data, inventory, and shipping with Webgility, they’ll have the time and insights to strategically grow their business—and they’ll have you to thank.

Webgility Affiliate Program For Web Developers

Webgility affiliate program

Our Affiliate Program is designed for web developers offering e-commerce services.

  • Earn an Affiliate commission while helping your clients save time and money with Webgility software.
  • Enjoy a free Affiliate subscription to Webgility for learning e-commerce essentials and for showing your clients the products.
  • Free on-demand webinar training.
  • Access our customer Knowledgebase for helpful articles, tips, and tricks for Webgility best practices.


Still have questions? Check out these Web Development FAQs

  • How does Webgility connect to the online stores?

    Webgility connects directly to hosted carts and marketplaces via API. It connects to PHP carts either with the Webgility Store Module or an extension. See complete details here.

  • Can you create listings for products in our shopping cart/marketplace?

    Yes, we can pull information from your accounting system to list simple products in your shopping cart. The software uses item name, SKU, and short description, but it does not bring in the long description or any fields that are not in your accounting software. Our software cannot create listings on eBay or Amazon at this time.

  • Can you connect to the custom shopping cart I created?

    Yes, if you can export your order information into a .csv, we can use that to bring the orders into our software.

  • Can Webgility help transfer products to and from the web store?

    Yes, but the process is generally more complete from the web to the accounting software, rather than vice versa. The typical web store holds all the information you would need to create a product in accounting software, such as SKU/name, description, starting inventory level, and price. Accounting software is often incapable of holding the longer customer-facing web descriptions and images which are a vital part of the product display on a website, not mention things like variable products, configurable products, and bundled products.

  • Can Webgility help manage stock levels on web platforms?

    Yes, Webgility can use one of your online stores or the accounting systems as a master to keep inventory updated to all of your other sales channels. On the online store side, this requires that simple products or variable or configurable products be set to allow their stock to be manipulated. This is very platform-dependant and therefore is set in many different ways depending on the cart. Either way, make sure any product for which you want to manage inventory has its settings enabled to track stock at the SKU level.

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Web developer affiliate reviews
Overall, Webgility solutions have made the lives of my e-commerce clients easier by automating and unifying their accounting and inventory control.
—Vishal Wadher, atmosol
Web developer affiliate reviews
Webgility is a breath of fresh air.
—Emily Baker, Post Modern Marketing
Web developer affiliate reviews
We had a rather complicated integration between two online stores, QuickBooks, and two third-party fulfillment companies. Webgility didn’t miss a beat while helping us connect all the dots. And now the e-commerce solution is working smoothly, like a well-oiled machine.
—Gray Loon Marketing Group
Web developer affiliate reviews
Webgility solutions have made the lives of my e-commerce clients easier by automating their accounting and inventory control.
—Richard Pelzar, Webbit Media