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Our Logo

The Webgility logo uses two colors: Webgility gray and orange. Primarily the logo should be used on a white background for maximum impact and clarity.

multichannel selling software
webgility white logo
Reversed white

The same rules apply to the usage of our emblem mark. Never attempt to recreate the logo - always use the artwork provided and adhere to the usage guidelines.

Reversed white

Clear Space & Spacing

To ensure legibility, always keep a minimum clear space around the logo. This space isolates the mark from any competing graphic elements like other logos or body copy that might conflict with, overcrowd, and lesson the impact of the logo.

multichannel ecommerce software

The minimum clear space is defined as the height of the "G". This minimum space should be maintained as the logo is proportionally resized.

Unacceptable Usage

A few rules are necessary for maintaining the integrity of the brand. Don't compromise the overall look of the logo by rotating, skewing, or distorting in any way - that includes adding unnecessary and unattractive text decorations like drop shadows and outlines. Here are a few examples of some ways you should NEVER ever consider using the logo.

A. Don't rotate the logo.

B. Don't squash or stretch.

C. Don't place elements in the logo clear space.

D. Don't resize any part.

E. Don't rearrange parts or create compositions that are not already provided.

F. Don't use logo variations next to the primary logo in the same design.

G. Don't use off-brand colors. Reference Color Usage section.

H. Don't add drop shadows or other text styles.

Color Palettes

Color is an integral part of the brand identity. Consistent use of the color palette will not only reinforce the cohesiveness of the brand, but color also serves a psychological purpose by communicating a certain feeling to your audience.

The different shades of dark blue palette gives Webgility a sophisticated and clean look.

webgility navy blue color palette

Accent Colors

These colors are use to draw attention to certain areas or elements. These colors are to be used sparingly.

accent colors