The Zen of Financial Intelligence:
How to find peace amid the chaos

On-Demand Webinar | One Hour Duration

It’s not your imagination—eCommerce breeds chaos. With a myriad of marketplaces and selling platforms, multiple systems with disparate data, and new sales and fulfillment approaches, it’s no wonder online retailers can’t find the pulse on their business financial health. It’s hard to control your margins, improve your workflows, and scale your business when data is coming at you from every direction.

In this free webinar, Webgility Founder and CEO Parag Mamnani will teach you how integrated systems, automated data, and clarity of KPIs can help you achieve financial zen and stay ahead of your business. He is joined by financial zen master Carla Sancho, who has grown her family business Wedding Collectibles from a struggling wholesaler into a thriving multi-channel eCommerce powerhouse.

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Our Presenters

Parag Mamnani

Founder & CEO
Webgility, Inc.

Carla Sancho

Chief Marketing Officer
Wedding Collectibles