7 Ways to Hack the Mind
of the Online Shopper

On-Demand Webinar | One Hour Duration

It may look like your online customers are buying with their laptop or smartphone, but don’t be fooled. The real hardware they’re shopping with is not their device, but rather their brain. Specifically, their caveman brain. So is your eCommerce site appealing to that caveman brain, or are you missing the mark?

Find out by joining Webgility, the leading multi-channel eCommerce solutions company, and Jennie Wong, Ph.D., CEO of Shopping Quizzes, as we present insights and examples from Jennie’s new book “7 Ways to Hack the Mind of the Online Shopper.” You'll learn:

  • How to engage customers on any platform using their favorite subject
  • The hidden reason behind low conversion rates
  • How to use micro-commitments to drive sales
  • The psychological landmine to avoid with recommendations

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Our Presenters

Jennie Wong, Ph.D.



Rob McGorty

Director of Product and Operations