The Blueprint for eCommerce in 2017

On-Demand Webinar | One Hour Duration

Webgility Founder and CEO Parag Mamnani has been building eCommerce storefronts, platforms, and software for 15 years. And because eCommerce time is akin to dog years, that means he’s been in and around the business for several lifetimes.

This experience, plus the wisdom gained from studying thousands of Webgility’s business eCommerce customers, gives him a unique perspective. In this free webinar, Parag will share his list of what eCommerce can expect from 2017 and beyond, including:

  • The future of marketplaces and social selling
  • What you need to know about niche
  • How manufacturing will matter
  • The shakeup in shipping
  • Why you need to focus on financial data

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Our Presenters

Parag Mamnani

Founder and CEO, Webgility