The Hidden Costs of Omnichannel

On-Demand Webinar | One Hour Duration

Independent retailers have all the same challenges of enterprise-level retailers, but none of the resources the big guys do. Selling online across multiple touch points—in other words, omnichannel—is no different.

As consumers demand choices of how and where they shop and buy, retailers find it increasingly difficult to provide a seamless, consistent brand experience on multiple channels. Suddenly they find themselves trapped in the minutia of inventory, listing details, and fulfillment costs.

In this free webinar, Webgility and Retail Systems Research (RSR) will explain how to:

  • Simplify inventory management and fulfillment
  • Optimize product listings across channels
  • Streamline data management and maximize your margins

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Our Presenters

Parag Mamnani

Founder and CEO, Webgility


Nikki Baird

Managing Partner, RSR Research

RSR Research