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Do You Know What Your Ecommerce KPIs Are?

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Do you really know the state of your ecommerce company’s financial health? There are a number of top metrics all multichannel ecommerce companies should have at their fingertips to provide key insights into their business and guide smarter decision making. Learn how to gain easy access to this information (and more) to grow profits for your multichannel ecommerce business:

  • Sales and profit: Big picture and the details about your company’s sales and profit in one simple view, including total sales and average order value (AOV) for all your sales channels.
  • Inventory and shipping: Basics on what inventory items need to be reordered, which SKUs or groups of SKUs are driving significant revenue, gross profit, post-ship profit, and/or total profit.
  • Customers and marketing: Pinpointing your top customers, which customers drive the bulk of your profit, and whether or not your email campaigns are bringing high-value customers back to buy more.

Read how your enterprising multichannel ecommerce company can benefit from actionable, educational business intelligence in the new year.

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