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Today’s ecommerce businesses don’t need accounting pros to crunch the numbers; they’ve got automation for that. Instead, they want accountants that understand the technological landscape and can help translate data into a forward-looking profitability plan. Learn how to develop a future-forward practice with tips from industry trailblazer Jody Padar in this engaging web experience.

What You'll Learn:
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Gather insights into the tech-fueled background of ecommerce and find out why the future of ecommerce accounting is rooted in digital solutions. You’ll learn the top benefits of upgrading your tech chops—straight from an ecommerce accounting expert.

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Discover how to use technology to your advantage…instead of fighting it. We’ll explain how to transform your practice into one that’s focused on building customer relationships and providing data-driven insights that help clients sustainably scale.

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Find out why technology is the driving force behind future-proofing your accounting firm or in-house practice, and how to smoothly navigate into a modern advisory methodology—before it’s too late.

BONUS CONTENT: Access an exclusive template for building your own ultimate ecommerce tech stack!
About Your Subject Matter Expert
Jody Padar headshot
Jody Padar
Vice President of Strategy at Botkeeper

We’ve partnered with accounting industry trailblazer Jody Padar—The Radical CPA and Vice President of Strategy at Botkeeper—to deliver expert advice on the future of ecommerce accounting. As a lecturer, coach, consultant, mentor, and author, Jody advocates for progress and innovation in the profession, heralding a new way of thinking about accountancy.


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